Shooting His Mouth Off, Pope Francis Attacks Trump For Helping Illegal Aliens

pope francis

Those of us who have been arguing that Pope Francis is spreading globalist propaganda with no attention paid to actual facts, just received a Papal gift. As in his climate change messages and his support for chaotic immigration based upon open borders, world government and authoritarianism, Bergoglio admitted and otherwise exposed himself as not knowing what he’s talking about.

The Pope made comments which indicate irrefutably that he is either pathetically uninformed or engaged in some serious disinformation in the furtherance of his UN-first agenda.

The Pope called on President Trump to rethink his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, arguing that terminating the program was not pro-life. Of course nobody is killed by the enforcement of immigration laws, at least not in America, they’re simply repatriated, so it’s a ludicrous statement on its face.

But it further shows that Frances doesn’t bother to get the facts before he starts running his mouth. In this particular instance he admitted he had not researched the issue but felt compelled to opine about it anyway, and doing so incorrectly. If President Trump had not acted, the nine or ten states challenging the mandate in court would have proceeded, and likely resulted in an immediate halt without warning to the program.

That means that all of the 800,000 would have been “legal” one day, back to illegal the next and unable to work. Trump is giving them six months for Congress to act or for them to make preparations if the job they hold is going back to an American. Trump’s action, not endorsed by many of his supporters, actually works to benefit the illegals, Pope. Get your facts straight.

In comments made Monday to reporters as he flew back from Columbia, Francis drew a contorted connection, arguing that separating children from their families was detrimental to their well-being and therefore not pro-life. Somehow that declaration is supposed to invalidate immigration law – but only in the Western world that is presently the target of the mass Islamic invasion.

Pope Frank hasn’t said a word about Turkey and the hundreds who are locked up for the failed coup attempt. Those families are separated but they’re his Islamic buddies. feeding product to the human traffickers repopulating Europe and America. That’s different.

He said he hoped that President Trump would alter his approach to DACA, based upon his pro-life positions. Francis said, “If he is a good pro-life believer he must understand that family is the cradle of life and one must defend its unity.”

So send them all back to Mexico together, Pope? He continued, “I hope they rethink it a bit, because I heard the U.S. president speak: He presents himself as a person who is pro-life.” He said separating children from their families “isn’t something that bears fruit for either the youngsters or their families.”

Many patriotic Americans agree with you Pope, we would have preferred President Trump let the legal challenge put a dagger in DACA rather than the amnesty lifeline he threw it and now claims to support.

The pope’s call for a reversal of Trump’s DACA decision came days after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued an official statement in which they denounced the decision in stronger terms.

“The cancellation of the DACA program is reprehensible,” the statement read. “It causes unnecessary fear for DACA youth and their families. These youth entered the U.S. as minors and often know America as their only home.” And they’ve remained as adults, illegally, right Pope?

You guys don’t want to recognize the truth. Their parents caused the consequences, not the American people. They didn’t just “enter” they violated our international borders and illegally entered. The parents are reprehensible squatters who should be condemned for doing this to their kids. Not us, we Americans did nothing wrong. Condemn them in a statement, bishops or better yet, just shut the hell up.


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