Pope Buttinski Criticizes Trump For Making Mexico Pay For Border Fence

pope frank francis


I’ve shied away from writing about the assaults on Americans by the intrusive hypocrite residing in Rome lately because some Catholics got the mistaken idea that I was targeting their religion. Of course I’m not, and while I’m not Catholic myself, my wife is and I’ve got no reason to disparage a religion that doesn’t kill people they disagree with. Catholics don’t do that, they’re regular folks, but their leader has been vocally and relentlessly attacking my country. In doing so he’s made himself fair game.

I have a problem with a globalist subversive tool abusing the trust and faith of a 1.2 billion people, working hand in hand with the Obama regime, the EU and UN in what were obvious attempts to impact our domestic policy and weaken the United States as part of a coordinated master plan. The Paris Climate hoax and UN Agenda 21 extension, the Sustainable Development 2030 Summit, coincided with Papal visits as well as there being Vatican propaganda in their support. The invasion of America from the south and the hordes flooding into Europe as well have been supported and influenced by Pope Francis, or, as I like to call him Pope Frank, or Bergoglio. As far as I’m concerned, once he chose to insert himself as an enemy combatant into my nation’s domestic policy his religious cocoon of respectful indulgence ceased to exist.

Now Pope Frank is at it again, criticizing our President for protecting us from the invasions he is advocating and for a component of that protection being a wall on our southern border. It’s not a forty foot high, massive wall like the one that Frank seems to have forgotten protects him and his Vatican associates as they sleep at night, but it’s the best we can do on a limited construction budget.

Apparently Pope Frank has recognized that the next best chance of stopping the border wall is to complicate the funding and turn public sentiment against spending the money. So, as he sits in his walled-in compound, a wall that was built, not by money out of a Pope’s own pocket but through the wealth accumulated from others, Frank calls for President Trump not to force Mexico to pay for the wall that their actions have necessitated. We’re not building a wall to keep Americans in, Frank, it’s to keep Mexicans and those they choose to allow to join them in the invasion out.

Bergoglio declared, “A Christian can never say: ‘I’ll make you pay for that.’ Never! That is not a Christian gesture. An offense is overcome with forgiveness, by living in peace with everyone.” Looking past Pope Bergoglio’s hypocrisy, one might wonder if he’s ever heard that saying that “good fences make good neighbors.” We’re just trying to be neighborly like Frank; to treat our southern neighbors in the same manner as the way the Vatican treats theirs.

Keeping your mouth shut and staying out of your neighbor’s business helps too. We can deport those in the US illegally, and they’re forgiven, although a return will result in jail time. We’re a Christian nation but we’re not a nation of fools. The future needs of the nation are what will be served by the fence. It’s not a matter of not forgiving those who have violated our sovereignty in the past, it’s a matter of preventing their return or more like them from coming in the future. What’s not Christian is for Mexico to burden us with the cost of keeping their citizens out.

It’s an expenditure that they create, not us. Therefore it is only Christian of them to meet their obligations, as a Catholic nation, to pay for the cost of construction. It’ll keep their drug dealers and terrorists out too, Frank, so we can all live, as you suggest, in peace. They may not like the fact that they’re being forced to do it, but it’s completely a result of situations that they created, that’s the reality; right is right.


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10 Comments on Pope Buttinski Criticizes Trump For Making Mexico Pay For Border Fence

  1. I converted to Catholicism a few years ago, when Benedict was Pope. Who was pope wasn’t among any of the reasons I chose to convert, but this pope is getting on my last nerve with his hypocrisy. He is exactly like (some) of my well off left wing friends who screech their moral superiority but do nothing–give money, volunteer, nothing–to help the causes they supposedly champion. They don’t allow their houses to be overrun with migrants and the pope isn’t taking down his wall, but they all sure expect others to allow their neighborhoods to be invaded and their livelihood and safety to be threatened.

  2. Kitty Corbett // February 11, 2017 at 12:42 pm // Reply

    Since the RC Church invented Christianity I guess their current leader has the right to declare what is and isn’t “Christian.” You might be interested to know that one of the claims declared on the pope’s crown is VICARIVS FILII DEI, i.e. standing in place of the son of god. The Roman numeral value of those letters total 666. Ring a bell?

  3. This is my Pope,I am Catholic but I do not like him. He lived in Argentina which was total Socialism/Communism. I loved John Pau11 and Benedict. They were conservative. I do not trust him!!

  4. Rick Wells, please tell your wife, that President Trumps Bannon, is also a devout Catholic and has similar issues of concern regarding the Pope, and is good friends with Cardinal Burke, that on occasion has differences of opinion with the Pope!

  5. How can he not address the Liberal abortion issue???????

  6. david Kriegh // February 10, 2017 at 8:41 am // Reply

    The Pope has an important role in the world and is an inspiration to many. However, he should stay out of politics and particularly politics of nations.

  7. I love the pope, and I’m a devout Catholic. However, he really needs to think twice before he gets involved in politics. Calling him a creep is wrong, he is a man of God. He believes what he is saying is right even though we may feel differently. And we don’t need to lower ourselves like some of the people that are trying to destroy our president. We’re better than that.

  8. Dr. Deplorable // February 10, 2017 at 8:22 am // Reply

    The Pope is Complete Hypocrite and an Advocate for Sodomizing tens of thousands of Children!

  9. This papa is NOT my pope. He is a marxist creep.

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