Poll Shows Europeans Favor Ban, Halt To Immigration, Refugee Programs

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As the hand-wringing and derisive name-calling by the left against President Trump and his travel ban executive order continues, a recent survey in Europe indicates the citizens of most of their nations support even stronger action. While the left and their media propagandists in the US incorrectly portray the Trump executive order as a Muslim ban rather than a travel ban, in Europe a Muslim immigration ban is exactly what a majority of citizens want.

A recent poll revealed that an average of 55 percent of people from across ten countries in Europe were in favor of a stop to all future immigration by Muslims. Clearly they recognize that they’re drowning in Islamists and want their old lives and the countries they love back.

The study by Chatham House was conducted prior to President Trump signing his executive order banning immigration from seven terrorist sponsoring nations. It’s likely a poll taken today, with the knowledge of related action by the American President leading the way, would result in even higher favorable responses.

In eight of the ten nations polled, the citizens were opposed to immigration from Muslim countries. Twenty percent disagreed with a Muslim ban and another twenty-five percent stated they didn’t know. Of those with an opinion, 73% were supportive of a ban and 27% opposed, a margin of more than two and a half times.

A ban had the support of 71 percent in Poland, 65 percent in Austria, 53 percent in Germany and 51 percent in Italy. It was favored by 47 percent in the UK. In none of the nations polled was it favored by less than 32 percent of the citizenry.

The older and wiser respondents were more supportive of the idea of a ban while those under thirty, the naive, were less so.

It’s likely that support will continue to climb with every terrorist attack or every incident of rape, sexual molestation or murder at the hands of a barbarian. The Islamists have already shown themselves to be ingrates seeking a hand out and ultimately the conquest of Europe and the United States. They’re certain to wear out their welcome and may have already succeeded in doing exactly that. The question is whether or not they’ve already accomplished their goal, if Chancellor Merkel of Germany and the EU have already made their conquest of Europe inevitable.

Maybe the public is finally ready to say it, to admit that they like who they are and what their country is and they’re not willing to be conformed into whatever the Muslims have up their sleeves. They like being Christians, they like living among people that look like them, talk like them, think like them and behave like them.

If that’s called bigotry or xenophobia, then so be it. It’s also called the truth, survival, taking pride in who you are as a nation and standing up to intimidation and an invasion orchestrated by greedy oligarchs with a lust for power and wealth, the EU and the demonic George Soros. It’s okay to recognize your enemies and to not welcome them into your midst. It’s foolish, reckless and dangerous to pretend otherwise.

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  1. Of course the citizen’s do !! But their elite so called leaders do as they please for their personal agendas and to hell with the legal law backing people JUST LIKE HERE IN AMERICA !!! Swamp swamp swamp time around the world to rid the earth of theses evils

  2. Dr. Deplorable // February 8, 2017 at 10:57 am // Reply

    Close the borders & deport all Illegal Invaders!

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