Podesta, More Leftist Soros-Funded Radicals Join In Plot To Disrupt GOP Town Halls

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We can expect a lot more disruptions of town halls of Republican House members and Senators in the future. Apparently the Obama OFA and Soros Indivisible radicals have been quite pleased with the chaos and disruption they’ve brought to the events to this point and the anti-Americans are planning expansions to their efforts. The Town Hall Project, which specializes in disrupting GOP town halls, a Soros-connected newcomer, will be joining forces with Podesta and his CAP.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that “The Town Hall Project, a group that has served as the central hub for raucous town hall events against Republican lawmakers, announced the partnership with CAP Action to amplify their efforts. John Podesta’s Center for American Progress Action Fund, the agitator arm of his Center for American Progress, his organization named in direct contradiction to their mission, plans to start engaging in mass town hall disruptions as well.

In an email announcement, Town Hall Project said, “So today I’m excited to announce a partnership between Town Hall Project and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. With the Podesta CAP Action amplifying our town hall event research, we can even better ensure that that all Americans have the tools needed to channel their organic energy to ensure their voices are heard and their elected representatives held accountable.”

If it’s orchestrated, bought and paid for by George Soros and other corrupt globalists and Democrats, you can’t call it channeling organic energy. It’s agitation, paid agitation manipulating useful idiots. The same lie was told by Jimmy Dahman, founder of Town Hall Project and former Clinton staffer, when he claimed in a February CNN interview that previous, explosive town hall events were “all organic and happening at the grassroots level.”

At that time he had already partnered with the Soros leftist agitator group MoveOn.org to disrupt town halls, going so far as to provide scripts and talking points to their radicals in association with the Indivisible radicals. The Free Beacon had earlier exposed their “practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda” which was an outline for agitation. None of this is organic.

They also pointed out the common address between Action Network, who was involved in Walmart demonstration and rioting in Ferguson, Labor Union commies Change to Win and Illegal alien advocacy group United We Dream. Naturally, George Soros has his dirty hands and money involved in all of the filthy endeavors.

The web is as broad and deep as a Susan Rice unmasking project or a Podesta Russian uranium deal, as is shown at the link here.


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