Podesta Clinton Bitterly Cling, Appeal To Donors – Blame Putin, Not Us

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Hillary Clinton met with a room full of her fat-cat donors, the ones who ignored her criminal activity and tried to buy her the White House despite her background disqualifying her from holding the office. It didn’t work, the American people were informed of the truth online by what is now being vilified as “fake news,” and Clinton lost.

Now she’s pointing the finger of blame at Vladimir Putin, that there’s no way she could hope to match up against a nation in terms of cyber capabilities. Once Putin got involved it was all over. She tells them, “We have to recognize, as the latest reports made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.” We were told it was because he and Mr. Trump are sleeping together, Clinton, which is it?

The reporter notes that Campaign Chairman John “Pizza” Podesta agrees with her whole-heartedly, writing in an op-ed in the occasionally credible Washington Post that in addition to the letters regarding the new emails sent just prior to the election, accusing the FBI of not working hard enough to investigate the DNC “hacks” or leaks.

As it turns out the ones who were not cooperating and who were disinterested in investigating the allegations was Podesta and the damaged parties. According to the report, Podesta claimed the FBI simply left voice mails with an anonymous IT staffer. The truth is much different. He says the FBI attempted to contact the DNC eleven times, to their general counsel’s office as well and to even invite them to a briefing so they could get an idea of how these things are done.

They also note that the cases of Clinton criminality and the DNC email breaches are very different and it’s completely unfair for Podesta to try to equate the two. Of course, he’s not concerned with honesty, he’s worried about keeping these donors in the Democrat camp, something that may be increasingly difficult as the Trump presidency takes shape and reaps positive results.

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