Plan Worked Out To Release Nunes Memo, Expose Obama DOJ Treason

A plan to release the memo from Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes detailing treasonous acts against President Trump by the Obama DOJ is now taking form. We will

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A method for the production of the Devin Nunes Intelligence Committee memo to the general public by the House of Representatives is being worked out that would set parameters and a timetable, along with White House approval input is in the works.

More than 180 out of 241 GOP members of the House have read the document, but Democrats aren’t interested. It seems they’re already fully aware of the high levels of corruption that were standard operating procedure for DOJ and the FBI under Hussein Obama.

Revelations regarding FISA court abuses, the falsification of evidence, abuses of office and corruption by officials of the DOJ, FBI as well as conspiracy with the Clinton campaign and the Obama regime are believed to be the “tip of the iceberg” contained in the memo. There’s also proof of an attempt to overthrow President Trump by top Democrat officials.

To Democrats, such as bobble-head Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA), those accusations are just talking points and apparently nothing the American people deserve the opportunity to decide for themselves. Making decisions for us is the Democrats’ job, we’re too stupid.

Although Reps Jim Jordan (R-OH), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Mark Meadows (R-NC) and others have indicated that a simple vote of the Intelligence Committee, followed by approval of the White House is all that would be needed to release the four page document, something that could happen within a day, the plan being discussed could take longer, allowing the Democrats more time to get their stories straight.

But Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes needs to have widespread support among the House membership and the American people so that Democrats can’t claim it’s a personal decision of his based upon some personal motivation. He already spent most of 2017 sitting in the penalty box of a false, Soros-backed, ethics complaint.

The deal being worked out between Nunes, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy involves a procedure in which a vote would take place in the intelligence committee as to whether or not to make the document public. If the vote is in the affirmative, the White House would then have five days in which to object to its release.

If President Trump had no objection to Americans being able to see what the Obama government has been up to, it would become public after those five days. If, for some reason, the President did object, the matter would then go to the full House for a vote. They could overrule his decision and release the memo anyway.

One particular benefit of the plan is that it establishes required actions within a specific timeframe, eliminating the potential for things to be stalled, as is so often the case in the DC swamp, by simple failure to take action.

Republicans believe it is not likely that they will need to overrule President Trump, since the offenses revealed in the memo were in large part directed against him and it provides validation of the Democrat witch hunt claims he’s been making for months.

Byron York notes in the Washington Examiner that the process could take as long as three weeks but he does expect the memo to be released. Public demand to have it made available has been extremely high. He notes the comments of one unnamed lawmaker who said, “It’s amazing what the pitchforks and the torches will do.”


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16 Comments on Plan Worked Out To Release Nunes Memo, Expose Obama DOJ Treason

  1. Josephine Marshall // January 23, 2018 at 6:07 am // Reply

    Didn’t know Gowdy was so bad. Thanks for the info. You all forgot the Clinton’s murders over the years. No telling how many of our agents that are abroad have been outed by the dumb Crooked Hillary’s classified emails that she sent out. People don’t think of that. She is for partial birth abortion, more murder. Did you know that Obama wanted nuns to get birth control pills. They need to publish the damn memo. Have you guys noticed how many times the President has been right about the dirt in the swamp. Next is Obama’s birth place.

  2. I also don’t trust Gowdy, and Goodlatte. They are part of the establishment. This MEMO is about TREASON by “o”bama, Killary, Jarrett, Rice, Rosenstein, McCabe, Sorzik, Page, Simpson, Comey, Holder, Lycnh, the two Ohr’s and OTHERS. It is 100 times bigger than Watergate. Killary used the DNC to ILLEGALLY PAY to spy on Trump, and His people during a Presidential election, and AFTER Trump became President. That in itself is SEDITION. It is also TREASON. The law staes ANYONE trying to stop an election against a person is punishable of 10 YEARS in federal prison. Everyone I mentioned needs to go on trial for SEDITION, and TREASON. Semper Fi

  3. #releasethememo

  4. One good thing about this mess is the the exposure that takes place before our eyes. The swamp creatures just keep on oozing out of the mud and slime from beneath the rocks where they’ve been operating for years. Gowdy is one. Goodlatte is another. So many more. It amazes the hell out of me.

    • Are you trying to say Trey Gowdy is one of the ‘swamp creatures”?? Gowdy is one of the most honest and integral people in DC!! Don’t know where you get your info from…but you should change sources!!

      • He’s been supporting Mueller up to almost this very second all along and let turned the Benghazi investigation into a dry hole unnecessarily, going for witness counts instead of quality, just a sideshow. He’s all about show with little substance in my opinion, all about talking real nice and doing absolutely nothing. My sources are my eyeballs, my ears and my brain, David, all of which I’d prefer to hang on to.

        • Rick, I hope you know that wasn’t me. Some other “David”…
          Gowdy is what we used to refer to as “BTNA”. Big Talk, No Action. Some would refer to him as a BSA, and I don’t mean a Boy Scout.

          Keep up the good work, Rick… getting better and better every day.

        • TheRealDavid // January 23, 2018 at 4:21 am // Reply

          I think I will change my nom de plume.

        • James Higginbotham // January 23, 2018 at 4:55 pm // Reply

          you are right Rick, ALL SHOW AND NO ACTION.

  5. James Higginbotham // January 22, 2018 at 9:33 am // Reply

    i remember right after Trump got elected he said, he didn’t want to hurt the Clinton’s.

  6. Kelleigh+Nelson // January 22, 2018 at 9:25 am // Reply

    Do NOT trust Trey Gowdy, he loves FBI and Mueller, he’s establishment, bypass that guy and get to others. Gowdy is as phony as a three dollar bill.

    • I agree, Kelleigh, it’s likely both Gowdy and Goodlatte are inserting themselves into the process to act as pressure release valves for the establishment who have been busted red-handed. Just as with Benghazi, bluster an no results isn’t worth much and Goodlatte has a long history of maneuvering for the benefit of the establishment. TPP is one of many examples.

      • Kelleigh+Nelson // January 22, 2018 at 10:03 am // Reply

        Exactly Rick, I’m so sick of these rotters I want to scream. I wish people could see through them, but few do.

    • When was the last time you talked with him?

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