“Piglet” Hogg Crying About Ingraham Tweeting He’s An Immature Whiner Makes Her Point

Piglet Hogg proved he’s a vindictive little twerp by urging advertisers to drop Laura Ingraham for comments about his GPA. He’s supposed to be untouchable and the left targets…

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Laura Ingraham must have known better than to give the political extortionists behind the disarmament movement an inch, knowing they would perceive it as a victory and go for the proverbial mile, but she do so anyway. Now she’s paying the price for that decision but in return is exposing them for what they are, probably a good thing for the nation as we battle these would-be tyrant enablers.

The left and their agenda are hiding behind the age of their student agitators and using it and their victim status as a “how dare you” weapon against conservatives and patriots. They went through a bad experience, we all have bad things happen in our lives.

That doesn’t mean we have to bow down to them or treat them as if they’re suddenly worthy of dictatorial status. They’re ignorant high school kids. They might outgrow it in twenty or thirty years, though their willingness to be tools of the left indicates that is unlikely. In no way are they anyone worth listening to today. They’re entitled to their opinion; so are we and the Constitution is on our side.

Ingraham apologized in a tweet to David “Piglet” Hogg, for focusing a bit of reality on his efforts to get into college and what he could expect with the GPA of 4.1. She doesn’t establish entrance criteria, she merely stated it. Some opportunistic Hogg-handlers saw an opportunity to attack and they did.

piglet hogg

David “Piglet” Hogg

This little piggy cried wee, wee, wee all the way to CNN about how hurtful it was to his snowflake sensibilities. He and the rest of his foul-mouthed confiscation cabal can say anything they want, to the point of publicly using the “F” word and equating a US Senator with a mass murderer. But, in the eyes and opinion of the propagandists, anything they do or say is acceptable, and criticism is bullying.

The companies that stopped advertising on Ingraham’s programs did so because of his being miffed at her pointing out the reality of school admissions, nothing more. She didn’t mock his freakish appearance, the resemblance many others have noted of his “revolutionary” posed to Hitler, Che Guevara or Castro. She merely stated facts in the real world – shattering his fragile ego and exposing his Obama-thin skin to the elements.

Alisynski Camerotta falls all over Piglet about how powerful he is with just one tweet. But the snot-nosed little punk isn’t satisfied. He refers to Ingraham by her first name, but they’re not on a first name basis. He’s not good enough. It’s Ms. Ingraham to you, twerp. To her credit she does point out that hers is opinion programming as the vindictive twerp lectures Ingraham on journalistic standards. He even claims it’s not about him but clearly those were his grades and it’s all about him, and his ballooning ego.

He drones on into his usual spiel, how they’re here to save lives by turning us all into defenseless slaves of government and criminals. Nobody has ever been killed by either of those, right Piglet? Just by guns suddenly springing to life, hatching a terrorist plan and carrying it out.

From his inane conversation it’s clear that Piglet would be lucky to get into a driver’s education class, let alone a college. This punk needs to shut up and go away, immediately. His fifteen minutes of infamy has done enough damage.

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