Physicist Hawkings Uses Climate Science Fiction To Bash Trump

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Considering how hideous reality is for Stephen Hawking’ it’s hard to fault the guy for wanting to be detached from it. But when what he’s spewing out is more toxic than the volcanic vents he references on Venus and he does so in the furtherance of a lie intended to mislead our nation into global communism, his pity pass has to be canceled.  He’s a liar, one trapped in an unfortunate situation and container, but a liar nonetheless.

It’s worth remembering that the Paris climate agreement only came into being in December of 2015 and was only falsely claimed to have been ratified by Obama’s unconstitutional dictate in September of last year, ten months ago. It never went into effect so it’s a stretch to say there are apocalyptic repercussions to withdrawing.

Hawkings used his scientific credentials in a most dishonest manner, claiming that the decision to exit the global welfare agreement somehow doomed the world. Even its proponents are forced to acknowledge “a Massachusetts Institute of Technology finding that indicates the Paris climate treaty would lower global warming by less than four-tenths of a degree by year 2100.”

Yet Hawkings claims that leaving the agreement, which has no specifics beyond the commitment that the US is going to give away our treasury contents, technology and industry to other nations. There’s nothing which dealt specifically with science or with mandates upon other nations besides the US, yet supposedly our departure, as the most conscientious steward of the earth and the one least needing regulations by others, is disastrous.

He made his declarations in an interview with the alarmist-friendly, liberal BBC. Hawkings said that President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate change agreement “could push Earth over the brink.”

So, Hawkings, if that is the case, since nothing in the way of the accord has yet taken place, we must have been on that brink already and if that is the case, why are we just now hearing about this? Did you, being the genius that you are, not already know this a year ago? Why not raise the alarm bells then, or in November of 2015 when Obama, the UN and Pope Francis were making their big push for global government under the climate banner? What’s changed in those few months?

Hawkings was spewing gloom and doom of the sort that would make Al Gore jealous, telling the BBC, “We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees, and raining sulphuric acid.”

Based upon what evidence, Hawkings? You are a scientist, correct? Surely this isn’t just something that you dreamed up. There must be peer-reviewed science stating this scenario of yours, why haven’t these claims come out until now? Not even the UN’s IPCC, NASA or NOAA, notorious for creating phony science or the conditions under which others create it in the interest of grant acquisition, has advanced anything near that dire. Even the aforementioned Al Gore hasn’t dared to venture into the SC-FI realm you’re creating.

Following the Obama and Gore model of offering hysteria and generalities rather than science or proof, Hawkings criticized President Trump for taking us out of the climate communism pact, saying, “By denying the evidence for climate change, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump will cause avoidable environmental damage to our beautiful planet, endangering the natural world, for us and our children.”

He mentioned the word evidence, as in denying it, but didn’t provide any. Without the evidence presented it’s impossible for him to be denying it. Did the bright lights and attention get the better of you, Hawkings? You’re the physicist making the end of the world predictions, shouldn’t you bring something more to back it up than your reputation?

Aren’t physicists and scientists in general expected to error on the side of skepticism? Doesn’t the search for truth and the scientific method require proof to avoid unsubstantiated claims being given the weight and credibility of facts?


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6 Comments on Physicist Hawkings Uses Climate Science Fiction To Bash Trump

  1. Stephen Hawking has failed his class this time. In this statement, he must rely on rumors and not pure physics. When he is able to think about the pure math and physics he does quite well by himself. Sad the sinister distortionists used him for their political front. Likely he can be misled by the evidence shown him by evolutionist.

  2. Spot on. No evidence at all.

    Hawkings lives in the world of theoretical. In that world anything can be posited. He was also proven wrong and lost bets on his theories.

  3. By the way, has anyone noticed the abrupt reduction in article volume from Rick that began the same day that Nevada legalized pot? 😉

    • those days are long gone for me, David, but I’m glad you noticed. My 12 yr old boy had a karate tournament that took me out for a day and there’s not much news over the holidays – It’s nice to be missed, though – lol

  4. The ignorance of the climate parasites is matched only by their arrogance. Hawking should look for another topic to pontificate on.

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