Phony Feinstein Fabricates Lame Excuses For Sessions No Vote

dianne feinstein


If anyone could possibly have not figured out by this point in her anti-American career and life that Dianne Feinstein is a political prostitute, the only kind that she’d be able to earn a living as, this video is for them. Interviewed by her fellow Hillary Clinton sycophant and establishment liberal, Andrea Mitchell, Feinstein has to construct a false reason for why she opposed Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

She can’t say, “I’m convinced he’s going to put my secret-selling, influence-peddling, espionage-enabling, traitorous comrade Clinton in prison,” or acknowledge that Democrat gun-grabbing and social justice engineering are finished if he’s confirmed. She can’t say that in order to keep Democrats elected they need the illegal alien vote and he’s going to enforce the law, including cleaning up fraudulent voter rolls. She has to come up with other reasons, typical vague ones that Democrats frequently utilize when they’re hiding the truth, which is quite often.

She’s asked by her fellow globalist and CFR member, Mrs. Alan Greenspan, aka Andrea Mitchell, why she was among the 9 who voted against Senator Sessions in the Judiciary Committee. It was a party line vote, and Democrats always put party ahead of country, but there was more to it than that. Schumer and his Democrats have a mission to obstruct and challenge President Trump on every front. That means she votes against everything, regardless of what or who it is. She’s always been a party girl.

The sufficiently vague answer Feinstein came up with was “I feel strongly he’s the wrong man for the time” and “he’s a Trump partisan in the campaign.” Politically he’s on the wrong team a common occurrence when your side loses. She knew that going in, but last week the dishonest political hag asked for a delay of one week in the vote anyway, supposedly to better understand the positions of her colleague of twenty years. If she already knew she was voting “no,” stalling the nomination was obviously her motivation. Every Democrat voted against him, they all turned their back on a fellow Senator not because of his ability to do the job but because of  party politics, Democrats always put party first. The country is merely an excuse for their actions, not a beneficiary.

She references mutinous Sally Yates, saying she doesn’t see Jeff Sessions, who agrees with and was vocal in his positions before he ever knew Donald Trump, standing up in opposition to the President, who shares the same views. Of course he’s not going to, those shared beliefs are part of why he supported Mr. Trump at such an early stage of his campaign. Did Erick Holder or Loretta Lynch need to be at odds with Hussein Obama for her to for in support of their confirmation?

Feinstein falls back on the “popular vote” narrative, which we’ll soon come to learn included millions of illegal aliens, as well as a statement to the combined Soros – Democrat created unrest “in the streets” as reinforcing their opposition to everything the administration does.

She also lays out the framework for not approving Judge Neil Gorsuch based upon her gun-grabbing buddy, Judge Merrick Garland being forced “to walk the halls” of Congress trying to get an interview. She says it went on for a year, but if he didn’t have it figured out within a couple of weeks, he’s not Supreme Court material for reasons other than his liberal extremism. He’d just be too ignorant.

Feinstein and Schumer should keep doing exactly what they’re doing. The American people aren’t stupid. Even those who didn’t support President Trump can see what they’re up to.

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