Philippines Pres Duterte Warns Terrorists – I’m an Animal Too, I’ll Eat Their Livers

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A plotted terrorist attack on the Philippine Province of Bohol, a popular tourist destination, which was initiated during Holy Week, was met with an immediate and determined response by the military.

Unfortunately, the war on terrorism is very real in the Philippines. The baloney served up by former DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson would never fly in the Duterte government. If someone see’s something and says something in their war, they don’t respond with handouts to CAIR and unity speeches. The military shows up and kills the bad guys.

That’s what happened in Bohol over the past week, as citizens reported the sighting of a heavily armed group of approximately ten men in three separate boats to authorities on Sunday, April 16th, according to Armed Forces chief Gen. Eduardo Año.

The group’s motive for traveling to Bohol is reported by authorities as still being unknown, as it is outside of their customary area of operation in Southwestern Mindanao. It proved to be a mistake on their part as the military immediately deployed ground forces, supported by air and naval assets. Three soldiers and a policeman died in the heavy fighting, according to Lt. Col. Ericson Rosana, spokesman for the Capiz-based 3rd Infantry Division.

The last remnants of the terrorists were killed on Saturday. The operative leading the failed operation and three of his subordinates were killed after government troops were tipped off that they were hiding in a cave. They bolted before troops were able to reach their hideout but were tracked to the town of Clarin where they were engaged in a gun battle and eliminated.

The following day, Sunday, a week after the foiled attempt began, President Duterte had some colorful commentary, as he often does, regarding the war on Islamic terrorists attempting to take over in his country. During comments at the opening of a national sports tournament in San Jose, Antique, in the western Visayas region, President Duterte offered some insight into the fate that might await murderous terrorists who angered him.

Calling the Abu Sayaf terrorists “animals,” Duterte added, “If you want me to be an animal, I’m also used to that. We’re just the same. I can dish out, go down what you can 50 times over.” He noted that if a terrorist was presented to him when he’s in a foul mood, “give me salt and vinegar and I’ll eat his liver.” The crowd laughed but Duterte reassured them he was serious, saying, “It’s true, if you make me angry.”

Suffice it to say, the deaths of his troops and police, the innocent people in bomb attacks as well as the kidnappings and beheadings have President Duterte quite angry. He may not bother with eating their livers but they will be dead after the encounter with his forces, one way or another.


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3 Comments on Philippines Pres Duterte Warns Terrorists – I’m an Animal Too, I’ll Eat Their Livers

  1. Fava beans and a nice chianti slurp slurp

  2. Patricia Anno // April 24, 2017 at 6:53 am // Reply

    Good on Duterte, I am a fan of his, after eight years of do nothing butt kissing Obama, its good to see strength in the fight for freedom and safety

    • Rick Wells // April 24, 2017 at 7:15 am // Reply

      you know his predecessor, aquino, was a globalist puppet and major criminal who’s under investigation for racketeering and who attempted to pull a clinton by inserting his successor as president- duterte upset those plans so he’s stuck with her as VP but she’s blowing it big time, draining their own swamp, as it were, which you may already know.

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