The Perverse Thinking Behind Manchester Attack Explained By One Of Their Kind

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The question asked is an obvious one and one that needs to be answered and understood but the answer incomplete. “Was Ariana Grande targeted because ISIS hates everything she represents to her young fans?” They play a clip of an interview with U2 front man Bono in which he describes the terrorists, saying, “They hate music, they hate women, they even hate little girls. They hate everything that we love.”

It’s a fitting encapsulation in part in that it highlights that they are the opposite of us, as evil is the opposite of good, as barbarians are the opposite of civilized people, as wicked, butchering heathens are the opposite of peaceful innocents. It doesn’t state why they hate everything we love, which, in addition to why do we give them access, is the real question behind why it happens.

They interview a supposed former jihadi who looks like he’s still practicing the terror trade, who explains it from the terrorist perspective, saying, “To hit a center, a den of immorality, “as ISIS acolytes are calling it,” is a great target for them. They don’t reveal how their source knows what the ISIS acolytes are calling the attack or saying about it, if it’s the result of close contact with them or their sympathizers.

They describe the Manchester attack as a perverted PR opportunity. The terrorism expert says, “Ariana Grande, big name, brand, you know media is going to descend upon it. Children being killed, deliberately being attacked in that manner, you know that not only are you going to get the coverage, but you’re going to get that emotional response, that revulsion.”

The narrator says, “Now, some of the biggest stars in pop music are saying their shows will go on despite the carnage in Manchester.” They interview some of the entertainers that cater to the same clientele who affirm that they’ll continue to perform as originally scheduled before the Manchester attack.

Katy Perry Demonstrates the Moronic, Ignore Reality Mental Condition of the Left

They play a clip demonstrating the moronic, out of touch with reality nature of the left being exemplified by Katy Perry, who said in a radio interview after the Manchester bombing, “I think the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other.” All of this money is wasted on security and law enforcement when this Einstein says all we need to do is swap spit.

She dismissed the need for preventing access to victims or the creation of the new terrorist killing fields, declaring the proper response to be “and like no barriers, no borders, we all need to just co-exist.” Is she telling that to the terrorists who attacked and their support organizations or those who, in her bizarre mind, brought the actions of the wholly justified terrorists  upon themselves by erecting barriers or having national boundaries? She’s unique among idiots. Even her school girl fans ought to be able to recognize she’s out of her mind.

One guest notes that soft targets such as malls, theaters and arenas will be the new targets of choice with the more familiar targets of the past having been hardened against attack. Rather than playing whack-a-mole with the terrorists and hoping to intercede in the attacks, the smart response would be to ban them from the country. We’re not allowed to behave smartly due to the demands of political correctness. Instead we’ll continue to be victims.

These naive lefties should be required to provide airport style security at their events, particularly since they are obviously supportive of bringing the terrorists into the US and Europe through their ignorant comments and political support of the globalist that are responsible. Maybe if it costs them money they’ll be concerned. The cost in human life only brings out their inane, simplistic comments.

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