Perfection – Joe Scarborough Got the “Lying, Phony Punk” Treatment from Imus

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Caustic, discerning, funny and no fan of Joe Scarborough are four characteristics of radio host Don Imus. With the recent escalation in hostilities between Scarborough and Sean Hannity and more notably the Trump White House, the comments of Imus are timely, quite appropriate and as usual, spot on.

Scarborough was making excuses for his and Miss Mika’s show being suddenly cut in 2010 from the lineup at WABC in New York. Scarborough claimed it was all due to some “retooling” for a bigger and even better show that was in the works. Imus spends a lot of time around livestock. He knows manure when he smells it.

As he opens his comments he  promises to speak slowly so that both Scarborough and what’s her name, Brzezinski, can understand it. What follows is a ruthless dissection of the thin-skinned, talentless space occupier, delivered in a manner as only Imus can.

He was right, there was no bigger and better program in the works at WABC. In fact, as Mediaite reported at the time, we contacted “WABC’s program director Laurie Cantillo, who declined to comment, and pointed to the press release put out by Citadel Broadcasting. In the release, no mention is made of WABC. Also, notably, all mentions of Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski have been removed from WABC’s website.”

Maybe they took them off the website in preparation for putting a bigger and better picture of Mika and Joe on there. No picture ever went up, though, not even after she had her bloody plastic surgery. Joe Scarborough was a lying piece of liberal trash back then just as he is today.  

Imus clobbered the schmuck, calling him “exactly what he is.” It’s great.


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4 Comments on Perfection – Joe Scarborough Got the “Lying, Phony Punk” Treatment from Imus

  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // July 22, 2017 at 8:39 pm // Reply

    the Gutless Joe parading around for his Pimp CNN the Fake, Phony Manufactured non news is just their whore putting out their CRAP for the Almighty Dollar…what a Skunk and he smells like one.

  2. TONYA PARNELL // July 22, 2017 at 2:33 pm // Reply

    sic em imus

  3. Another classic example of the basic truth that liberals ARE “The people of the lie.” They lie even though they know that they can be easily exposed; and that’s just stupid! We have got to call them out with clarity whenever they resort to “Bravo Sierra,” so “way to go” Imus!

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // July 22, 2017 at 11:23 am // Reply

    Great job by Imus…

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