Pence Walks Out On NFL To Reignite Public Outrage Over Disrespect Of US

pence colts walkout

It seems pretty obvious that Vice President Mike Pence walking out of the NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts Vs San Francisco 49ers was a preplanned statement.

Back during his original comments in Alabama a couple of weeks ago, President Trump encouraged Americans to do exactly what the Vice President just did, walk out of a stadium if the players disrespected our nation by kneeling or sitting during our national anthem.

It’s worth noting that in the photos taken of this event and which is already the background on Pence’s Twitter account, he’s seen standing next to a military man, sending the message of support. He’s also not tucked away in a box seat somewhere, the type of positioning one would typically expect for a Vice President to view a ballgame.

Sitting in a private box, Pence wouldn’t have been visible to the public when he walked out. His act demonstrating disdain for and refocusing attention against the shameful acts of the players might have gone unnoticed. During the 2017 Super Bowl  Pence shared a box seat with swamp creature James Baker. Certainly he’d have been able to find similar accommodations if watching the game was the primary purpose for his being there. He was there to make a statement.

The disrespect for the national anthem and America began with the 49ers and has continued unbroken game after game. There wasn’t much doubt that Pence would only be there for a short period of time.

The fact that it was obviously a preplanned gesture doesn’t make it any less legitimate or worthwhile. The misbehavior of the NFL thugs rightly deserves to be denounced and the public’s attention needed to be elevated once again.

It was exactly the right act at the right time to potentially deliver a knockout punch to the anti-American agenda of the NFL and to the leftists using them as one of their propaganda arms. The NFL has taken serious hits in their popularity over the past month.

They’ve dropped from the most popular sport in America to now trailing Major League Baseball for the first time in decades. The game hasn’t change that much, but the fans’ level of disgust with the players most certainly has. That pot has now been stirred a little more by the VP.

President Trump stated publicly that the two had discussed the likelihood that the 49ers would continue with their anti-American stunts and the appropriate response, tweeting that he had asked the Vice President to leave “if any of the players kneeled, disrespecting our country.”

Vice President Pence sent out a Tweet of his own explaining his reasons for leaving, which aren’t diminished in any way by the fact that they understood the events as they would likely unfold.


The NFL has failed to act to punish or otherwise put an end to this anti-American activities of its leftist players and union in concert with the America last Democrats. It was time for the administration to once again take a stand in support of America.

This Administration does what others merely talked about, at best. They’re defending America, from enemies both foreign and domestic. Those enemies are using the popularity of the NFL and its players to manipulate and twist the minds of the American people, particularly the impressionable youth. They must be stopped. The efforts of the Trump administration to that end deserve high praise.


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5 Comments on Pence Walks Out On NFL To Reignite Public Outrage Over Disrespect Of US

  1. Great job, Vice President Pence! I love football! I will watch my Ohio Buckeyes play on Saturdays, every Saturday they play. I will never waste my time watching another professional football game again! I now get my football “fix” on Saturday’s and Sunday’s belong to God and my family. To prove it, my back yard has a good sized burn mark in the yard where I burned ALL of the Brown’s and Steeler’s gear. For the owner and the commissioner to allow this kind of BS politics to be used during our National Anthem by these BS players is as unAmerican as burning an American flag, in my opinion. My antidote is watching football on Saturdays and saving Sundays for God and my family! I hope all of you football fans out there do something similar.

  2. well.
    i am PROUD OF THE VP.
    he did the right thing.
    excuse me while i HYPERVENTILATE.

  3. While I wouldn’t trust Pence further than I could throw him, I agree that it at least sends a message that we should have respect for the country.

  4. 77bassguitarist // October 9, 2017 at 8:09 am // Reply

    The year was 1991 and my mom surprised me with two tickets to go to my first nfl football game, i was instantly hooked i became a football fanatic i was even blessed with the ability to play college ball and a little semi-pro ball. I say that to say i’m done for the first time i’ve turned off the nfl, as an african american i love this country our flag was purchased with blood, that alone should be enough for these un-grateful s.o.b’s to stand. the nfl has self immolated and i don’t know what business would keep a ceo that has run them into the ground. i have so much more to day but i’ll end it with this… Jesus always wins as he will this fight for our country, indeed we our living in evil times this all shall pass turn off the nfl.

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