Pence Protege Rumored To Replace Price – Another Pence McMaster Globalist Shuffle?

pence price seema verma hhs

Gen Mike Flynn may not have been the only high ranking member of the Trump administration forced out at the insistence of Vice President Mike Pence.

The New York Post reports that the front runner for the replacement to the ousted HHS Secretary, Tom Price, “was the architect of Indiana’s Medicaid expansion under Obamacare and is considered a protégé of Vice President Mike Pence.”

Her name is Seema Verma and she is the current Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Trump administration, responsible for administering Obamacare. She played a leading role in efforts at the White House to repeal it.

Her birthplace is difficult to research. Although there are statements made that she is an American, her age, birthplace, and whether or not she is a first generation, naturalized or native born American are nowhere to be found.

Often first generation and naturalized Americans, who do not share ingrained American values and culture, find their way into high level government positions. The example of Huma Abedin springs to mind, but there are countless others.

Her father states that she was raised in a staunchly Democrat home, though it’s location is not revealed. That fact alone certainly doesn’t mean she’s pro-sovereignty or properly interprets the Constitution. If anything, the implications would be the opposite.

The only information of that type available is the fact that she took her oath of office for her position as US Administrator of the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services with her hand on a Hindu Holy Book and is referenced as an Indian-American on the website Desh-Videsh ,where they include her in their list of Incredible Indians.

The complete avoidance of the subject across the board is almost Obamaesque in the apparent efforts to keep the information of her past from being available to the public. Not even on the government website at is there any information that goes back any further than her college days and no reference as to where she grew up or her citizenship.

Perhaps Vice President Pence would want to correct that “oversight” if he’s going to sponsor her for Price’s old job. Maybe the Senate would be interested in having that information available, though it wouldn’t be politically correct for anyone to reference or to mention it.

Price’s supposed sin of travelling on chartered aircraft was one that was regularly engaged in during the previous Obama administration and by large corporations on a daily basis without a thought or utterance by the press. Traveling by commercial air is a major pain and often blows out an entire day in each direction. Many believe that Price was smart to travel the way he did, although he should have gotten approval from the nanny, General Kelly, or, if he were able to finagle his way past Kelly, from President Trump directly.

Just as with Flynn, the new good old boys inside the inner circle demanded Price’s head. We would be wise to pay attention to their replacement and watch for signs of impropriety. After all, the ousting of Flynn got us McMaster, Dina Habib Powell and an Obama NSC.

What will they try with this more Obamacare-friendly replacement candidate and the upcoming “need” to ally themselves with Democrats for a “replacement” to be passed.. She’s a minority and a woman, therefore she’d be guaranteed confirmation if nominated. Pence knows that. We’d better keep our eyes open. This may have been an overreaction by design, with a purpose.


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