Pelosi, Dems Expect Trump To Cave – DACA Amnesty Without Border Wall

nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is asked by George Stephanopoulos whether or not the Democrats are willing to shut down the government to keep the borders open, effectively asking whether their objective of changing the face and composition of America and adding to their base is that important.

He says, “You say you don’t want to shut down the government but the White House has made it pretty clear, if the President doesn’t get his priorities, like the wall, with the government funding bill in December, that they are not going to have the votes to keep the government open.”

Short-circuiting and sputtering a bit, Pelosi asks, “Why are you putting that on us? They have the majority in the House and the Senate and the President’s signature. They have the power to keep government open. Of course she’s being her usual deceptive, dishonest self.

Republicans don’t have enough seats on their own in the Senate and with RINOs like McCain, Collins, Murkowski and Capito, there’s no guarantee of even a simple majority. An omnibus spending bill will require sixty votes meaning that even under the best of circumstances, the power to obstruct and prevent passage of government funding is still in the hands of the Senate Democrats.

For her to claim that the Republicans can do it on their own by virtue of the fact that they are in the majority is Pelosi playing politics and deliberately lying. For Stephanopoulos to not call her on it is equally dishonest on his part. Instead he asks, exposing that both of them know she’s lying, “And if they can’t get there on their own, what price will the Democrats demand for their votes?” [not to force a shutdown]

Pelosi goes into her spin cycle, parsing the words about what you call the process rather than answering his question about what they’ll be seeking in return. She says, “Well it’s a negotiation, it’s not a price you demand.” She hints at DACA amnesty, saying, “Certainly by the end of the year we intend to have the dream act passed to protect young people. [illegals] The President says, and I take him in good faith, he told us he cares about the young people. [young to middle-aged foreign squatters]”

She continues with her Democrat agenda-driven drivel, saying, “I think he cares about them because the American people care about them.” She’s right, we care and want to make certain that they’re deported back to the country they belong in.

Pelosi threatens, “And he’s going to hear from the American people on the healthcare bill as well.” After taking a few bites out of her tongue, Pelosi says, “We’re moving from one thing to the next because that’s the chaos that is uh exists [sic] in the White House, right now.” The ability to multi-task is seen as chaos to the feeble-minded Democrat who has trouble just completing sentences.

The holier-than-thou elitist hag goes on to demean the intellect of the President and infers he’s a puppet to bad advisors, saying, “Maybe he’s being ill-advised, I don’t know but I do know that when he speaks he does not speak from the basis of knowledge. That’s why it’s so hard to deal with him”

She stated, “I’ve said to him, when we’ve had our differences with Republicans across the aisle or down Pennsylvania Ave, we’ve always been able to at least go forward [they eventually surrendered] based on data, evidence, facts, a bottom line in terms of a number. To say unless I get a wall I’m going to shut government down is totally irresponsible for a President of the United States.”

Pelosi is already attempting to shift the blame for the Democrats’ obvious upcoming shutdown, putting the narrative out there that the Republicans are to blame for their including financing for a border wall, rather than the reality that the pro-invasion Democrats are more than willing to take whatever steps are needed, including a shutdown, to keep in place the open, easy access to this nation for all foreigners of every description.

Pelosi continued establishing the false anti-Trump narrative, saying, “And it’s part of his war on the middle class because he wants, again, a tax bill that is unfair to them, if he doesn’t get that, repeal the affordable care act if he doesn’t get that.”

So, according to the faltering-brained liberal, giving jobs that are currently being stolen by foreigners back to the American middle and lower classes is an attack on them while giving their jobs to foreigner squatters is somehow Democrats looking out for them.

Letting them keep more of their money through a tax cut and simplifying the nightmare of a tax system that they can’t even complete on their own is harmful. And giving them a mechanism for obtaining lower cost healthcare while eliminating the mandated Marxist financing of healthcare for others is attacking them.

And this woman has the nerve to call President Trump’s intellectual prowess into question because he’s not “smart enough” to be a Democrat or to cave to them like Republicans are expected to do? She’s not funny, but she is a joke.


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4 Comments on Pelosi, Dems Expect Trump To Cave – DACA Amnesty Without Border Wall

  1. Pelosi is an evil hag and needs to be voted OUT! We, the legal citizens of the United States of America, WANT THAT WALL BUILT NOW!! And want those democrat and RINO creeps in government to start supporting the President of the U.S.A. and stop pouting like babies and demanding “All or Nothing”! Shut the government down if you have to. Just keep Defense in good order. And BUILD THE WALL!

  2. So far the Dems always out wit the Rs. The uni-party ahve the same objective, and the Kabuki is apparent.

    It will be interesting to see if we win on deportations, tax “reform”, and a final repeal without government control.


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