Pelosi Short-Circuits To Avoid Giving Trump Credit For Anything

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Nancy Pelosi is asked in her weekly DC press briefing for her impression of President Trump’s first foreign trip and if she thinks it’s been a successful one. Rather than answer that question, which might involve her actually having to give credit to the President for an accomplishment or two, dunderhead Pelosi starts blabbering on about a trip she made to four or five unnamed countries and how she didn’t criticize the President to local folks. Finally she’s found someone she won’t badmouth the President to.

She says she told those raising the issue that “That’s not why we’re here. We don’t criticize our President when we go abroad.” Really, Pelosi? When did that start? That must be a new policy, something that Potty Mouth Perez implemented or something. That’s pretty unlikely; it’s much more probable that she’s just lying, that’s what Dems do.

She then chastises the reporter for being a typical DC anti-Trump propagandist, saying, “So if that’s what you came to this meeting to do, it’s not what we are here to do.” Pelosi doesn’t have her name and directions home pinned to her shirt so we must assume she knows where she is. DC is a sewer and a swamp, but it is still inside the United States, Pelosi. Foreign soil means another country. She continues, incoherently babbling, “Same thing, while he’s there, we’ll have some things to say about his visit.” First it’s not the same thing and secondly, what the heck is she talking about? Her sentence, from start to meandering finish, makes absolutely no sense.

The woman who joined with the rest of the swamp vermin Democrats and RINOs to criticize President Trump as hating Muslims for his terrorist ban can’t give him credit or even acknowledge the question for visiting the nation where Islam has its roots. On his first international visit of his Presidency he not only visits Saudi Arabia but he met with 50 Muslim leaders and urged them to unite with him and the US against terrorism. That’s not worth a comment? Is her pledge really to say nothing positive about the President regardless of where he is?

She then makes her stupid alphabetical comment and shows us that she’s able to count her fingers, at least up to four, naming the presidents that visited Canada and Mexico as their first stops. Those are easy, Pelosi, and the libtard Prime Minister of Canada was actually part of the G-7 meetings, which was the President’s last stop. Why would they meet twice in one week?

She asks, “What was the decision making process to go to Saudi Arabia first?” Are you hinting that perhaps Vladimir Putin was in the area, Nancy? That’s the only reason that you or your party of nasty America-hating agitators would accept and one you’ll probably fabricate if you happen to read this or the idea springs up organically in that septic tank between your ears.

She says that’s the question she has, and what policy flows from that. Speaking of flows, she’s really concerned there might be an agreement that would interrupt the flow of Middle Eastern and African Democrats into the US. If they agree to set up safe zones in-country that could upset the whole globalist world government project. She wouldn’t be the only leftist short-circuiting if that happens.

Whatever he does, this hag will never give President Trump the credit he deserves for anything. And, as she just demonstrated, she’s willing to sound like a blithering idiot in the process of avoiding it.

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2 Comments on Pelosi Short-Circuits To Avoid Giving Trump Credit For Anything

  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 28, 2017 at 7:13 pm // Reply

    Looks like Bugeyes is having a heart attack; I can wish, can’t I.

  2. Who even cares what this woman thinks? And how on earth did she get in that position? And stay in that position?

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