PELOSI Lays Off Trump, Into SESSIONS and BANNON as White Supremacist DACA Haters

nancy pelosi

Babbling dunderhead Pelosi starts her comments a few different ways before lining her thoughts up into a complete sentence, albeit a contorted one.

She didn’t want to attack President Trump in her customary manner, the reason she had to restart, because he just gave her everything she and “Chuck” wanted and she expects more to come. She’ll be civil towards him until the gifts stop flowing.

Instead she attacked Attorney General Sessions. It’s not because he’s letting Lois Lerner, Clinton, Comey or any of the many other criminal Democrats walk free, or interfering through obstructions, redactions and delays with every investigative effort.

It’s because there is an area where Sessions is actually doing his job and as a result must be vilified in the most vicious manner possible. Pelosi called AG Sessions a racist in her customary fried brain cells manner, pausing, grunting and labeling his statement the equivalent of the worst statue you could ever think of. Careful Pelosi, them’s fightin’ words. When you libtards go comparing folks with monuments to heroes be prepared to step outside.

She clarified, saying, “I mean it was about white people in America and it was a terrible, terrible statement.” That’s not at all what it was about and for her to claim it was is the actual terrible statement. She then goes on to spread her infection further, saying, “It was consistent with what the Bannon folks talk about when they want the purification of America.”

The term “Bannon folks” is obviously leftist code speak for American patriots opposed to the repopulation of our country with foreigners. They never speak of the purification of America and never would, they’re not bigots. Pelosi is a lying snake, one that does not deserve the respect she was shown by President Trump a day earlier. Once he stops catering to her, she’ll turn on him and attack with a vengeance. That’s how swamp snakes are.

The “eleven million,” as she calls them, are illegal squatters. They have no right to be in our country and every reason to be deported. It’s got nothing to do with race and everything to do with sovereignty and the rule of law. Those are two concepts antipathetic to Pelosi and the globalist anti-American Democrats.

Somebody with a brain has apparently been putting ideas into Pelosi’s head because she asked a legitimate question or takes credit for one coming up during their meeting, that if DACA was illegal under Obama how is it not illegal if President Trump were to “revisit” it. She says, “So I think we all came to a good place.”

She defines that supposed “good place” as, “Congress should act, we should remove all doubt, there should be statutory protection for the ‘dreamers’ and quite the fact is that we need comprehensive immigration reform.” Get ready, patriots, it’s coming.

She’s saying that President Trump is onboard with an amnesty bill and since there has been no denunciation, no tweet setting that record straight, there is no reason to doubt that that was in fact the understanding that Trump came to with the Democrats, probably the RINOs as well.

She adds, “And that would cover a lot more than just the ‘dreamers,’ but for right now, we have to strike while the iron is hot, that iron being what President Lincoln talked about that I quote all the time. Public sentiment is everything and public sentiment is with the ‘dreamers.'”

It’s not public sentiment, Pelosi, it’s propaganda and manipulation of gutless officials and the compliant libtards by anti-American Democrats and the media. Our sentiment is for you and your allies, regardless of whom they may be, to stuff your amnesty in any form or reform. You and your treacherous allies can take that as being your new “everything.”

Another favorite quote of Lincoln applies to Pelosi and her merry band of traitors, “Stick that hot iron where the sun don’t shine; or would you prefer a California cattle-prod?”

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