Pelosi Says She’s Praying More Lately – That Angry Americans Don’t Target Them

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In many ways Congress is like a large gathering of dogs, though that comparison is admittedly not one most dogs would appreciate. Though they get plenty of food, my dogs still often fight at feeding time, one always tempted to steal from the other, the bowl that’s in front of the other dog looking better than their own. Once they’ve dispensed with the mealtime aggressions they go back to sleeping next to each other, playing and occasionally grooming one another. That involves the licking and biting the hair of one dog by another, anywhere the urge strikes them. That is the behavior that the House of Representatives is displaying today.

There are substantial packs of cur dogs in both the House and Senate that want to take away our bowls by unseating our President, actively engaging in a coup against the American people. Today, following the shooting event in DC on the baseball team, these low down, dirty curs saw an opportunity to elevate themselves, to spend a day making disingenuous declarations of unity and mutual aggrandizement.  The majority, regardless of party, are united in their fleecing of the American people and by their corruption. Today they’re also united in their fear and the recognition that it could just as easily be them lying in a hospital with one or more gunshot wounds – or perhaps dead. Rather than changing their corrupt ways, their reaction is to publicly acknowledge how much they like each other, which, for some of these comrades in crime, may be true. We the people are surely being played for fools by many of these charlatans.

Nancy Pelosi is drawn like an insect to the cameras and lights, applauding the Speaker for his “beautiful remarks.” They weren’t that good but his speech writer is probably listening and appreciative anyway. She declares that they aren’t one caucus or the other today, they’re united in blah, blah, blah, Steve Scalise. Pelosi makes a big deal that they have an Italian-American connection, which the patronizing hag claims will have her checking with the Speaker every five minutes to see how he’s doing. That connection was non-existent when the Democrats were labeling Scalise as a Klansman, the equivalent of David Duke and trying to run him out of Congress. But now she cares, they’re a lot alike, they’ve found other targets and a special prosecutor.

She describes the injured six-year lobbyist for Tyson Foods as a former staffer

She mentions the six-year lobbyist for Tyson Foods, Matt Mika, who was also injured, describing him as a former staffer. She doesn’t mention that it’s corrupt relationships like that that have our nation flooded with illegals. He’s a former staffer, why he was there on this day evidently isn’t important.

The corrupt hag then goes on to tell us all how she prays for the members frequently and how it now involves more of an emphasis on their safety, as they’re experiencing an up-tick in the targeting of members of Congress. Gee, Mrs. Pelosi, have you ever wondered why that is, why you as a group are so loathed by those you supposedly serve?

Is it because the American people see what you corrupt politicians are doing to our nation, to us as a people and the priority you’re placing on your own personal financial rewards? You of all people, as the richest member of the House, should know the answer to that question. And don’t forget the fomenting of rebellion and chaos engaged in by the Democrats on a national level, under the guidance of Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, among many others.

The agitator groups that George Soros finances and the Democrats enable and their schemes to funnel illicit cash through government skimming operations, such as the climate hoax, green energy subsidies, or the DOJ imposition of fines that are mandated to be paid as donations to leftist groups, the one honest AG Sessions just put a stop to. That’s called corruption and the fleecing of America and we see what you are up to.

This leftist shooter was inspired Democrat attacks on our nation and our President

So it should come as no surprise, Pelosi, that the fruits of your corruption have found their way to your doorsteps. What’s surprising is that it took so long. This leftist shooter today was inspired by you Democrats and your incessant attacks on our nation and our President, along with the complicit media propagandists.

Many more are repulsed by you, for both the right and wrong reasons. You in Congress now find yourselves in a crossfire, both figuratively and literally, of your own creation. You’ve got no one to blame but yourselves. It is you that much of America blames and those numbers grow as your attacks on our nation continue. Just keep grooming each other and pretending America is stupid and oblivious to your crimes. You can’t pretend away the truth forever. There’s a wax buildup in Paul Ryan’s ear, you wanna get that for him?

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10 Comments on Pelosi Says She’s Praying More Lately – That Angry Americans Don’t Target Them

  1. It is astounding that the woman (yes, a
    hag) is a leader of this country. She’s afraid of getting a dose of her own medicine. And yes, we are furious that they are not just skimming, but vacuuming up our country’s wealth under the guise of necessary work?

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // June 16, 2017 at 4:42 am // Reply

    Rick, it’s because they consider this the scum of the earth and they don’t want them and there’s a plan to overtake America…no safe zones in the Islamic countries either, is there. So, I’ve tried to post this twice and it will not allow me to do so, says I’ve already posted the same thing, and that is false.

  3. She needed to be praying for America and Americans when they allowed Hussein Obama and company to flood our country and neighborhoods with Muslim “refugees” from wherever. That’s where her prayers should have started, in my opinion. Why didn’t the Middle Eastern countries take in these “refugees”? Why didn’t the Hussein administration bring in the Christians from the Middle East? The Christians over there are the ones that are truly being persecuted! The United Nations are not what they say they are. Not after they allowed ISIS to grow stronger to the point where they can take over countries. Crimes against humanity is what they USED to rattle their sabers for. Now they just allow “refugees” to make trampled paths to countries the “refugees” want to go to, sit back and watch the fireworks, with not a care in the world! Keep that money coming in, though, from the counties that obediently send in their cash. Send in the cash FOR WHAT? When’s the last time you have heard of the U.N. standing up for a wronged country? A very long time ago! This whole world has gone entirely crazy!

    • “Why didn’t the Middle Eastern countries take in these “refugees”? Why didn’t the Hussein administration bring in the Christians from the Middle East?”
      These are the key questions that, if answered, would explain the core of all that is happening with the UN, the Arab countries and the refugee transitions. It would also explain what Hussein was doing for the 8 years he squatted in our White House.

      I’m pretty certain most of the Rick Wells readers know the answers.

  4. The old hag can pray all she wants, but that won’t change the fact that she and her colleagues are the self-proclaimed enemies of The Donald and the 61 million people who voted to elect him as President. And, it so happens that the 61 million people are becoming bored with the interference and obstruction coming from the “establishment”, the Soros crowd, and from most of congress and the federal judiciary system. Once the 61 mm people pass through their “boredom”, their next step will be less than peaceful. And, the 61 mm people won’t lose. The old hag needs to pray we don’t reach that point.

  5. Nancy Vinal (Watcher) // June 15, 2017 at 11:25 pm // Reply

    My grandfather used to say “Sure makes a BIG difference whose cat’s tail is in the screen door”…
    Old Yankee expression and it fits these sleazy politicians to a “T”!

    Old folks with Parkinsons are beaten, tased, humiliated, sometimes killed cause they “didn’t move fast enough”, …. innocent kids are blown away because they were holding a cap pistol… people are choked to death on the public street “because they were selling single cigarettes WITHOUT a LICENSE”… (these examples are only a tiny tiny bit of what is going on every day, 90+% of what is happening never hits the main news outlets), and these reptile bloodsuckers inside the beltway never twitch~!
    OH… OH…. but when ONE of them (“One of US” as Pelosi said), gets attacked, all the rest of the vampire cheerleading squad, all the way from the very top of the pyramid.. the president, vice president, speaker of the house, right down to the lower echelons of the “noose” media, cry out at the tops of their polluted lungs!!!

    Tells a story doesn’t it?…. As George Carlin said loud and clear… “It is a big CLUB.. and YOU AIN’T IN IT”!!!!

  6. Thomas Oakley // June 15, 2017 at 10:09 pm // Reply

    I bet she does pray every day……BUT…..who too…..I would say her (?) god is the fallen angel, the devil. The actions she (?) does daily would make the devil proud….O she (?) says that it is a good catholic…..yep it sure is along with all the other good catholics in congress…….can you say abortion as a example? But that is just fine….one day it will meet the true God and after the elevator ride (down) it will come face to face with its real god, the devil for all time.

  7. Kelleigh Nelson // June 15, 2017 at 11:29 am // Reply

    She’s worried about someone targeting her? That dim bulb needs to look in the mirror, she’s too stupid to bother with, and she’s on the side of the commies, why would the haters of Trump care about her?
    But isn’t this just like her to say she’s praying more, what balderdash, she’s a lapsed Catholic who loves abortion, wonder what she’s really praying for…maybe more slaughter of those on the right. God help us, but that’s how evil and vitriolic these leftist pigs have become.

  8. Freddie Arthur Hisle // June 15, 2017 at 10:25 am // Reply

    prancie spit-loose needs to be targeted by an Insaneasolym that only has rubber rooms for life.

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