Pelosi Protecting Obama By Attacking Messenger Nunes, Demanding “Change Of Venue”

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It’s reflexive and standard operating procedure for Democrats to attack the messenger when the news is something they don’t like. Despite their claims to the contrary, they have zero interest in the truth, objectivity or benefiting the United States in any regard. They’re all about  political advantage, political expansion, accumulation and consolidation of power and, of course, getting rich –  all the time.

Their response to Rep Devin Nunes letting the cat out of the bag as to their espionage activities on the President was to be expected. During the period from November of last year until the inauguration, after the election, some intense surveillance of the Trump team was engaged in by the exiting regime. They have been found out, their treachery discovered and have no way to hide. They’ll “run a Clinton” and ignore their own wrongdoing, portraying the one who revealed it as the “true villain.”

House Hag and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dismissed Rep Nunes , who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, on Thursday as a stooge for President Trump who can’t be trusted to conduct their Russia-Trump snipe hunt objectively. She also criticized Nunes for not giving Democrats first crack at the information and a chance to prepare a rebuttal narrative, a cover story, before going to the press.

Messenger Nunes was attacked by Pelosi, who said he “acted outside the circle of respect” in doing so. She further dug in her fake (like everything else) fingernails, saying, “By being a stooge of the president of the United States he has demonstrated very clearly that there is no way there can be an impartial investigation under his leadership on that committee.”

In other words, “We’ve got to get that boy out of there before he exposes this whole Russia thing as a hoax and cover story for Obama spying on Trump. He’s actually investigating and discovering things, this is serious.” Arguing that point, she said, “Chairman Nunes is deeply compromised, and he cannot possibly lead an honest investigation,” as if she and ranking Democrat on the committee, Adam “Shifty” Schiff are objective?

She didn’t challenge the veracity of his information as to the collection of data on the president and his team by the deep state under Hussein Obama’s control. She also didn’t express any interest or excitement that the new information could be useful in conducting an actual objective investigation. No, it’s all about dismissing the process because the messenger delivered bad news. Nunes may have done the only thing he could to make sure the information got out. He didn’t want to get Breitbarted on the way to lunch following a meeting with Schiff or others.

Another Democrat, son of the founders of the racist organization La Raza, Joaquin Castro had his own attack upon messenger Nunes. The brother of the shady former HUD Secretary under Obama, where the money flowed freely and quite loosely, said, “Chairman Nunes can either lead this committee to pursue the truth or choose to serve as an advocate for President Trump.” Again, he didn’t challenge the veracity of the information. All he did was demonstrate he’s got no place on an intelligence committee.

Pelosi indicated the Democrats would still participate or occupy their positions in the probe, just as they did in obstructing the Benghazi committee. She said, “I’m just talking about him. The Democrats are fully prepared to be unbiased.” They’re prepared, if it comes to that, right Nancy? They’ve never gotten that desperate before, but they could do it if they were forced to.

The condescending hag gave Nunes one last shot before she felt that the misdirection away from the offenses of Obama and towards the bearer of bad news was complete, saying, “I don’t know if that was a cry for help or let me out of here, or what that was. But it was highly unusual, outside the accepted behavior of a chairman of an Intelligence, or any, committee.”

And it kind of put the focus back on the crimes that could destroy your DC syndicate, didn’t it Pelosi. You must really hate it, as did the propagandists forced to report it and, predictably, join in the attacks on Rep Nunes as well.


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