Pelosi sounds completely lost, once again providing us with another example of her failing mental condition. Repeating herself and stuck, unable to direct her mouth…

nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi really seems to be losing her mind. She begins the video laughing like a blithering idiot for no reason other than possible nervousness, which, considering she’s spoken to much larger gatherings than the 75 or so like-minded libtards at this pro-taxation event, seems unlikely. She reinforces the lost mind possibilities as she continues to address the Democrat wealth redistributors in attendance.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Someone hollers out “We need a new Congress,” which completely throws Pelosi off her game, causing her to lose her concentration and apparently forgetting what she was saying. The second video below has more of the event and better volume, although it comes at a price. Just how much Pelosi can someone stand before their mind starts being affected and their actions start to mirror hers?

The heckler causes her to get stuck on her analogical weather report, as she says, “Mortgaging our children’s future places a dark cloud over…a dark cloud…O…over…over a dark cloud over this Capitol over our budget. Easy for her to say.

Democrats are the ones who demanded the reckless domestic spending that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were so anxious to inflate to beyond their desired levels. Like a typical commie Democrat, she portrays allowing Americans to keep more of their money as stealing the “government’s money” and robbing future generations.

Flooding our country with illegals, “refugees” and supporting the laziest of Americans with other people’s money is the actual theft that is taking place and it’s primarily due to the commie Democrats, in association with turncoat establishment RINOs, and their wealth confiscation and wasting through taxation.

She blathers on, saying of Republicans, “Then they go on to take a couple hundred billion dollars from food stamps.” It would only take ten percent of that amount to close the free breakfast, lunch and dinner pipeline at the border with a wall but she’s not interested in a solution.

Democrats want voters who are dependent upon handouts, who will fear, as she’s mongering at this event, the Republicans ending their free ride. As long as the weak of mind believe Democrats are protecting them they have their votes.

“A hup a hundred tri, [sic] uh billion dollars from Education, hurting our children and their future.” Of course much of that money wouldn’t even been needed if we weren’t educating the children of the world for free and most of it would be able to be conducted in English. The Democrats, again, a complaining about the sad state of affairs they created and blaming Republicans for not busting the budget enough to fund it.

In the longer version Pelosi engages in a pathetic effort to lead the small gathering in a chant against the tax cuts and some imaginary budget, a creature that doesn’t even exist in the United States government and hasn’t for longer than Pelosi can remember, at least eight years or so.

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