Pelosi Freezes Up Delivering Dem Talking Points For Moving Obama Spy Investigation

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House Hag Nancy Pelosi held what they billed as a press conference, which was actually more of a “this is why you should hate Donald Trump today” conference, on Thursday. She attacked, smeared and belittled her fellow California Congressman and Intelligence Committee chairman, Devin Nunes in the process. Only Democrats and John McCain are free from her vicious tongue and addled brain. She attempted to discredit the Republicans’ investigation that is now evolving into an Obama spying investigation. She and her comrades should have quit while they were ahead.

Democrats survive politically through deflection, a fact that is nowhere better illustrated than with the apparent avoidance of the consequences of their crimes by both Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama. To divert attention away from Democrats’ own perpetual political sins, Pelosi reapplies the label of diverter in chief to President Trump. The tactic of projection works quite well for the despicable criminal Dems.

Pelosi claims that President Trump “created some kind of scenario, in which he either duped or the chairman of the committee was a willing stooge, uh, uh” Poor Pelosi used all of the oxygen on that half of her brain delivering the money word insult of calling Nunes a “stooge” and lost her place. She might claim she was waiting for the applause or laughter but clearly her brain’s just had it.  She says, “He committed a stunt at the White House yesterday, raising questions about chairman Nunes’ impartiality.” You commit crimes, Pelosi, as you should well know. Stunts are just pulled, you pull a stunt. It’s something you should know as stunts are something Democrats are intimately and personally involved with. Remember this summer’s House sit-in?

She got back on track and started down her bullet points, noting that Nunes was a member of the Trump transition team. So what? They both do have “Rs” after their names and someone has to do it. Eric Holder helped Obama pick his Vice President, did that disqualify him from being Attorney General? He was unqualified in so many ways but none of it stopped him.

The next bullet point as she reads down the page is “Republicans are grasping at straws after their embarrassing performance on Monday.” From the contents of her statement it would seem she’s got her hands full. Let’s see those bear paws of yours, Pelosi, is that hay? And this isn’t supposed to be theater, by the way.  It’s not a performance to those of us outside of Washington, DC or to many of the Republicans inside. What was embarrassing is the fact that we’ve got a political hack as FBI Director, something that we hope President Trump will remedy in the near future.

She claims that FBI Director Comey confirmed that Hussein Obama didn’t wiretap President Trump but that claim is much different from the actual statement of the schizophrenic who runs the FBI. He said he “had no information to support the President’s tweets of wiretapping by the prior administration.” That does not say he isn’t aware of other surveillance efforts or of “wiretapping” by others he might not be including in “the administration,” such as career intelligence people within the deep state. He’s also not saying it didn’t happen, just that he doesn’t have any information about it happening.

He also said that no president could unilaterally order a wiretap of anyone. That doesn’t mean that his comrades Brennan and Clapper didn’t do it, just that Obama couldn’t walk into CIA headquarters and order it done on his own. The professional liars, such as Comey, cannot be taken at face value. That’s what they expect us to do, to make the natural connections and assumptions. That’s how they survive.

Pelosi says the necessity of an independent investigation is increasingly being recognized, which is true if you’re a lying, scheming Democrat. Chairman Nunez is zeroing in on Obama and Democrat corruption and subterfuge. It may be too late already. She “pulls a Hillary” and locks up as she talks about Chairman Nunes acting outside the “circle of respect” for the butt-hurt, bug-eyed “Shifty” Adam Schiff and others. Running into a dead end as she criticizes them and after experiencing some obvious and awkward dead air, she opts to repeat herself to get her jaw moving again. It’s not clear whether she might have been throwing up in her mouth or if it was just the content of her vile spew that caused he tongue to get tied up.

Pelosi says that by not going to the ranking member Rep Nunes “has demonstrated very clearly that there is no way there can be an impartial investigation.” What he actually demonstrated is that he doesn’t trust Shifty and probably with good reason. Schiff would have been all over the media launching a preemptive defense of their attacks on President Trump. He could even have been physically in danger from those wanting to keep the lid on the revelations.

The last item on her bullet point list is to invoke the name of Songbird McCain as if he were in any way respected by Republicans or even Democrats and his opinion mattered. The establishment prostitute was quoted as calling for the change of venue as well. He works for the same people who were behind and are trying to cover up the spying. His recommendation is only verification that the investigation needs to remain right where it is.

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7 Comments on Pelosi Freezes Up Delivering Dem Talking Points For Moving Obama Spy Investigation

  1. Nunez did right. Everyone in the Intelligence Committee had information that PROVED of the felony surveillance on President Trump and the American people… and that Comey sat on this information for 2 years! …….. BOMBSHELL – FBI/CIA COMEY, CLAPPER & BRENNON EXPOSED BY CIA WHISTLEBLOWER – 47 Hard drives and 600 million images that PROVE … OBAMA AND COMEY SPIED ON TRUMP AND MANY OTHERS INCLUDING THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT….. See 7 page letter here: ….

  2. This is another tactic to keep the focus off all the other scandals, and especially pedogate. It has been said she was involved in pedo activity at the WH with obozo and the Clintons.

  3. Dr. Deplorable // March 24, 2017 at 9:45 pm // Reply

    Nancy Peloosie’s face looks like it’s ready to pop!

  4. If she were an animal, we’d be allowed to put her out of her misery.

  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // March 24, 2017 at 9:54 am // Reply

    She is a lying braindead hag who would not know the truth if it hit her in the face; how about the kkklinton’s and staff connections with the Russians! spitlouse is a POS.

    • Thanks for saving me the typing 😉

    • Ha, the truth did hit her in the face…and was obviously rejected. She goes into meltdown when she has to read from notes and can’t be shaking her bully hand in the air. Throws her off balance. Notice in the video when she was able to use that bully hand, she regained consciousness.

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