Pelosi Fantasy Land – Budget Must Be A Political Statement Reflecting Our Values

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If the House Hag, Nancy Pelosi, ran her personal finances as she does the nations, she’d be living paycheck to paycheck like most Americans and not the ninth wealthiest member of Congress. She must have a different philosophy for her own money than she does for wasting ours.

She starts her exercise in idiocy with a statement that might have gotten her a passing grade in some liberal arts class somewhere but earns a zero in economics, asserting that the federal budget should be a statement of our national values. Of course we’re $20 trillion in debt so our national value is considerably less than what it might be otherwise from a dollar and cents standpoint, but she’s talking about values as in what she pretends to live by.

She seems to be under the impression that we’ve got an endless supply of money to fund as much liberal feel good crap as she can manipulate approval for. If you can’t afford something, like NPR or the climate change hoax, and are borrowing money to finance the waste, it shouldn’t be included in the budget. Reality takes priority over desires, particularly irresponsible ones, for the rest of America. It should for the spendthrifts in DC as well.

She says what’s important to us as a country should be reflected in how we allocate our resources in a budget. That part she got right, but the resource pie is much smaller than it used to be after 8 years of her and Hussein “Overreach” Obama. What she wants included is not important. It’s fluff or worse and we can’t afford fluff.

She says the budget is not a statement of values of anyone and that President Trump has shown that he does not value the future of our children and working families. Of course those claims are utterly false and stupid, but go on and make your case, Pelosi, that’s what evil hags do. She says “It throws billions of dollars at defense, while ransacking America’s investment in jobs, education, invention, clean energy and life-saving medical research.

A large amount of that military spending will have a positive impact on employment, but that’s not what she’s talking about either. Those are real jobs, the ones in the private sector. She wants more government welfare jobs, the kind where nothing worthwhile happens other than people get to pay their bills and the government gets to take the credit.

Busy work in the interest of the government is how Pelosi defines a job. Innovation and education won’t occur any more if the budget is approved. Innovation and education will cease to happen, as will life-saving medical research. We’ll never think of anything or know anything again and all of us will die if this budget is approved.

She babbles that the bill with a ten percent increase in defense spending above the depths where Hussein Obama and Pelosi forced us to plunge will “leave our nation weakened.” If we’re weakened after a ten percent increase, what are we now?

Pelosi, with a net worth of $196 million acquired from her $174,000 salary and some covert help from Visa, plays the old, tired, Republicans are the party of billionaires card. She says the budget steals $600 billion dollars from working families and gives it to the rich. That’s quite an accusation, Pelosi, surely you’ll follow that up with some facts.

No, she didn’t. Democrats don’t need them. Instead she opted for some more rhetorical poetry. Pelosi said Paul Ryan wants his members to walk the plank for a bill that might not even become law. They don’t have a “good Speaker” like Madam Pelosi, he doesn’t require a yes vote in order to see what they just approved. Paul Ryan is atrocious; Nancy Pelosi is much worse.

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  1. extirpates // March 18, 2017 at 5:39 am // Reply

    It must be across between alcohol, Alzheimer’s, or dementia. Maybe it’s a combination of all of them. If the disastrous Democrats keep her at the helm, they are going down in deed.

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