Pelosi Can’t Explain Away Dem Rhetoric Leading To Violent Attack On GOP

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Nancy Pelosi is asked to comment on the possibility that the actions of a radical leftist attempting to shoot and kill Republicans based upon their beliefs could be used against Democrats politically. The reporter chooses her words carefully, as it’s taboo for them to speak badly of Democrats. She states from her position atop the eggshells that “the assailant was apparently motivated by some kind of anti-Republican sentiment and we have heard comments from Republicans, including Congress, about vitriolic rhetoric from the left being in some way to blame.”

Pelosi accepts the form of the question as being sufficiently deferential to her and her fellow anti-Americans, replying, “Well, I think that your question is an excellent one, and I think that the comments made by my Republican colleagues are outrageous, beneath the dignity of the job that they hold, beneath the dignity of the respect that we would like Congress to command.”

She doesn’t say that they’re not true, she’s just outraged because they finally are speaking the truth, standing up to the Democrat bullies and she has in essence had her bluff called. Pelosi expects, demands dignity, which is submission to her position, capitulation and respect aka cowering, to the San Francisco Dominatrix.

Of course the Democrats have engaged in a campaign of vilification for the past eight years, deriding Republicans as inhumane, racist, oppressors who hate anybody who doesn’t share their mythological gift of “white privilege.” They have battled white people and police through their thugs in Black Lives Mater, all of the many Soros front groups, AntiFa and Clinton/Obama henchman Bob Creamer, to name only a few.

Obama attacked Republicans incessantly for any objection to the redistribution of wealth and socialism that the left promoted in their push to fundamentally transform America into a communist state under the United Nations global government. Now that their hostile PR campaigns have resulted in exactly what it was designed to create, she wants to pretend they’re innocent and have nothing to do with the seeds they’ve sown sprouting fruit.

Seeming as if she’s been watching highlights of Bill Clinton responding to questions about the government’s role in 9/11, Pelosi says, “How dare they say such a thing.” Just as in his case, when they don’t have a response  they dismiss the question or statement as invalid.

She babbles on about caricatures of her, somebody named George, perhaps her sugar-daddy Soros, “and $100 million of vitriolic things that they say that resulted in calls to my home constantly, threats in front of my grandchildren.”  We got it Pelosi, you’re the victim again, of course you are, you can’t refute the evidence against you so it’s the Republicans who are attacking you.

Sugar-daddy George, Obama, his Black Lives Matter thugs all joined together to create murderous attacks on police officers in the same manner. And those attackers were victims as well. And you and your grandchildren who can’t answer the phone because someone might give you a dose of the verbal assault you’ve got coming, you’re the real victims. Let your grand kids answer the phone, Pelosi, eventually they’re going to learn you’re an America-hating commie anyway.

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  1. Thomas Oakley // June 16, 2017 at 9:56 pm // Reply

    Here is a idea……..why does not ryan and mcconnell keep both houses in washington and not take a 5 week vacation and do some work……not that their is so much not being done. Might be nice if they actually had to work on the problems of our country and not go off on so called inspection junkets to the resorts around the world.

  2. I love it when you write like this! ????

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