Pelosi Compares Illegal Alien Dreamers To US Citizens Interned Under Democrat FDR

pelosi internment

Nancy Pelosi says, “It’s an honor to be here with ‘the Dreamers,'” those three human props the Democrats drug up to provide a little window dressing for their pandering, hysterical rhetoric. The push for Amnesty is revving up. Democrats sense an opportunity for victory, Republicans another chance to surrender.

Pelosi describes the criminal trespassers as “perpetuating, advancing the American dream.” Maybe for a lawless open-borders, anti-America Democrat that makes sense. To anyone without overly subjective leftist influences on their thought process it’s an obvious attack on our nation.

She says the illegals somehow are an inspiration and “make America more American.” By definition that’s not correct. They make it less American and more Mexican, Salvadoran, whatever national label applies.

Pelosi points to the members of two of the skin-tone based Democrat caucuses, the black and the Hispanic, that have joined the Asian and Pacific Islanders caucus in demanding preferential treatment and access to free stuff.

Dingbat Pelosi takes a moment to accuse President Trump and Republicans of wanting to throw brown and black people in camps, referencing an art exhibit she saw in Chicago called “Then they came for me.” It discusses the internment of Japanese American citizens inside the United States during World War ll. What Pelosi doesn’t bother to mention is that it took place under a Democrat President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Pelosi wrestles with two words that she doesn’t have much familiarity with, citizens, the word she was looking for to describe Japanese Americans of the early forties and patriots, a word she loosely used instead. One can be a citizen and not be a patriot. Most Democrats are evidence of that fact.

While nobody is arguing that the actions of Democrat FDR were appropriate, hers are also hugely inappropriate in attempting to paint her political opposition with the brush dipped in Democrat paint. She went through that long, boring story just to make a strained comparison between those American citizens and the illegal alien foreigners squatting on our soil.

There are likely quite a few Japanese Americans who, if they aren’t in the tank for everything Democrat, are likely insulted by her remarks. She says, “This is something that we owe these dreamers.” We owe squatters citizenship? We owe them anchor baby status so they can then turn around and petition their complicit parents? No, we do not.

She says they “are the manifestation of the fight for who we are as a country right now.”  It’s one of the few times she gets it right. It’s a question of open borders versus sovereignty, a nation or a geographic space.

Pelosi is drawing the red line, saying they “must pass something before we leave for Christmas, for sure.” She closes by thanking their token props for their patriotism. They wore Make Mexico Great Again ball caps?

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