Pelosi Distorts JFK, Attacks Trump For Not Buying NATO “Respect”

nancy pelosi


Nancy Pelosi incorporates the liberal “money grows on trees and America is the land of infinite orchards” perspective, that the world is our dependent, they are our obligation to care for and should never be asked to assume their fair share of responsibility for themselves.

On Sunday the increasingly unhinged House Minority Leader issued a statement on President Trump’s nine day overseas trip, saying, “President Trump’s brash and condescending lecture to NATO leaders disrespected our closest allies and dishonored the common defense pact that has been a guarantor of global security for nearly seven decades.”

That any Democrat could decry a speech by President Trump as a condescending lecture after the eight years of incessant schoolboy scoldings we endured under Hussein Obama is laughable. Her perverse reasoning that asking them to pay their fair share and notifying them that the free ride on our dime is over is somehow disrespectful only further illustrates her lack of understanding of the concept of respect. Being a schmuck, Madam Pelosi, is not showing respect, it’s just being a schmuck.

Her statement continued, “His failure to affirm America’s commitment to NATO’s mutual defense pledge — invoked only once, when NATO allies rushed to our side in Afghanistan after 9/11 — is not only shameful but also dangerous. By showing his disregard for Article Five, President Trump emboldens Russian aggression in Europe.”

Try this concept on for size, Pelosi. Germany is not worthy of our automatic defense, neither are France or Belgium or any of the other globalist nations who have invited hordes of radicals into their populations and are no longer the nations they were seventy years ago. A nation is not only the geographic location, but the government in power and the composition of its citizenry. Relocating Moroccans to the Netherlands should not automatically make them our protectees. If Germany, France or other EU nations have chosen open border globalism as their government, they should understand they must  live with the consequences. They are a different nation; their defense is not our problem.

She further criticized President Trump, the man who, in her perverted eyes is incapable of doing anything right and if he did she’d never admit it, saying, “The President’s offensive speech offered a fitting end to a trip that achieved little beside strained relationships and diplomatic missteps.” We understand it’s a concept unfamiliar to Democrats but maybe you’d like to provide specifics to support your accusations, Madam Minority Leader? Failing to bow is strained relations? There were no diplomatic missteps, but for the authors of the Russian collusion hoax perhaps that’s just a technicality they’ll easily dispose of with a proclamation.

Her speech writer wrote for the mentally challenged Congresswoman, “Protecting America’s national security requires us to be strong and smart, not reckless and rash.” She then distorted a message delivered by President Kennedy, who would never be a Democrat in today’s communist configuration. She urged President Trump, “The next time he meets with world leaders, he would do well to echo the words of a great leader, President John F. Kennedy: ‘My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.’”

Of course President Kennedy made those comments making a distinction between two groups, American citizens and citizens of the world, as his next line of that speech shows, where he said, “Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you.” Democrats have, in their support of world government, merged to two concepts into one, that we’re all citizens of the world, in order to minimize the relevance and erode the permanence of the United States.

She also conveniently ignored the fact that the NATO members are doing exactly what Kennedy urged against in that quote, asking, through their own failure to pay for their security, “what America will do for them.”


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