PELOSI Throws Dem DISTORTION Machine Into High Gear In MEMO PANIC

Pelosi and the Democrats are running scared now that their corrupt little world is about to fall in upon them. The lies, distortions and name calling came fast and furious as she tried

nancy pelosi

The distortion and false claims of Nancy Pelosi began as soon as she opened her mouth, with the deliberate mislabeling of the Nunes memo as “the Trump mendmo [sic].” President Trump had nothing to do with its creation, a fact she is well aware of.

She proves that point as she finishes her first sentence, saying it “represents disgraceful behavior on beharp [sic], behalf of the chairman of the Intelligence Committee.” She’s been attacking the messenger, Chairman Nunes, as one of the few weapons Democrats have in their desperate effort to keep the crimes of the Obama-Clinton-Soros mafia and their DOJ-FBI goons out of public view.

“First of all it’s a bogus memuo [sic],” claims Pelosi, “it’s not based on fact, but it does reference highly classified intelligence matters.” She doesn’t say that it discloses intelligence sources or methods, but does attempt to leave that impression. She only says that the crimes it exposes on the part of Obama regime officials reference classified activities, ones that appear to have been conducted under cover of the classified protections as a means of evading detection.

She continues her dishonest distortions, saying, “Now we see that he’s even altered the memo.” Nunes corrected grammatical errors, and made two minor changes at the request of the FBI and Democrats. It was a baited trap, perhaps, but something that will be exposed as nonsense, along with the rest of the Dems’ claims of impending disaster, once the memo is released. Her distortions will only further undermine the Democrats’ already weak credibility in the minds of the American people.   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Pelosi goes on to say that Democrats believe informing the American people about the criminal activity of the Obama regime is “the wrong path to go down.” She says, “It’s fake, they’re not telling the truth, it’s all a misrepresentation.” She claims the Democrat memo can’t go into detail as to why what she’s saying is true because they are responsible.

They’re responsible, alright, for the mess we’re in and the pervasive corruption. As for the Democrat memo being buried, top House Republicans, including Freedom Caucus Chairman  Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and Ron DeSantis, have already stated that with some factual errors corrected they’d be willing to release it next week.

Pelosi again leaves a false impression, saying, “They should let the Mueller investigation proceed,” as if publication of the memo will somehow preclude that from happening. She knows what is about to come out so she may well be aware that the flimsy foundation upon which the witch hunt is based will completely collapse once Americans learn the truth. If so that will be the fault of the Democrats for pursuing a frivolous, politically motivated abuse of their power, not Republicans.

She says, “They should not be trying to have a conspiracy of saying there’s something within the FBI that is wrong.” Of course the Democrats are engaged in that very type of conspiracy in attacking our President without any evidence of a crime. The addle-brained libtard’s blatant hypocrisy is lost on her.

The facts will either agree with what is stated in the memo or they won’t. If the memo is not a factual representation, that will be revealed and Republicans will suffer. If they are correct, the now frantic Dems will pay a huge price. It seems clear from the urgency in attempting to get the release shut down which side is feeling threatened. Even the compromised and likely guilty leadership of DOJ and FBI couldn’t point to anything contained within the memo that was false.

That’s their problem. It’s much more difficult for Democrats to deny the truth than lies, especially when all of the evidence points to their guilt and complicity. That is why they are in such a panic, the curtain is being pulled back; they’ve run out of places to hide.

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8 Comments on PELOSI Throws Dem DISTORTION Machine Into High Gear In MEMO PANIC

  1. Josephine Marshall // February 3, 2018 at 12:53 am // Reply

    Shits was on the CBS morning show talking about the memo, said the Dems have their own memo. I’ll bet they do. It’s probably full of lies like everything else they put out or have the media lie about. Funny, we hadn’t heard of a Dem memo until now.???????

  2. Kelleigh+Nelson // February 2, 2018 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    Sounds like the witch of the west is still having trouble with her tongue…it wouldn’t hold still in her mouth at the SOTU, and now it’s not allowing her to properly pronounce words. AHAHAHHAHAHAA

  3. Is the MSM talking about this? If an unrelated copy of the memo is released, will they publish it?

  4. If all the corrupt get what’s coming to them, then Gitmo will not be large enough to hold them. I only hope the big 0 goes down for treason.

    • Josephine Marshall // February 3, 2018 at 12:51 am // Reply

      There was an article on the internet yesterday that said he didn’t like the bedroom in his new house. Wait ’til he sees the new one!!! Maybe they’ll put Michael in with him then confiscate all of their money and possessions that the stole from us. That’s maybe too much to hope for.

  5. James Higginbotham // February 2, 2018 at 11:29 am // Reply


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