Pelosi Immigration Plan – Cutting The Grass And Citizenship For Illegals

Pelosi cares about Democrat power and money, open borders and rewarding those here in violation of our laws. In her customary asinine drivel she puts “dreamers” ahead of US…

nancy pelosi

Attempting to listen to and follow what passes as logic for Nancy Pelosi can be a difficult and painful experience. Much of what she says is best suited for use as a sleep aid. There are points, however, where she reveals who and what she is, that are worth hearing or knowing about.

Just as the words “gay” and “pride” have been distorted beyond their meanings into something that molds with the leftist anti-family, anti-American agenda, the word “dreamer” has now been hijacked as a means to describe illegal alien squatters by pretending they’re something else, a foreign squatter who belongs here. Distortion is a favored tactic of the dishonest left.

The addle-brained Pelosi was interviewed on Tuesday by the Arizona Republic, pledging “to the ‘dreamers’ I say that we’re not going away.” Many Americans are repulsed by the use of the term, with their own children and themselves having dreams of prospering in their own country that are being undercut by a focus on illegal squatters gaming our system.

Pelosi said, at the 2:40 point of the video, “I myself think a wall is not effective, it’s immoral, it’s wrong [but abortion is okay], we shouldn’t be doing that, it’s not cost effective. I think of our border areas as a community with a border going through it. Other people [non-globalist patriots] don’t see it that way.”

Of course it is precisely because a border wall is effective that the globalist Democrats are so opposed to the idea. For her to proclaim that preventing invading foreigners and traffickers from being able to freely cross into our nation is wrong is evidence that she has no place on a school board, let alone a leadership position in Congress.  [[VIDEO LINK BELOW]]

She says, “Whether that takes the form in some location [singular] of a wall, it’s controversial. But our first priority is to protect the young people, the ‘dreamers’ [foreign squatters] and move to comprehensive immigration reform to protect not only them but their families.” She’s actually advocating for the families that violated our sovereignty be rewarded with citizenship because they brought their foreign born spawn along with them. This is madness.

For her to admit to a position of putting the rewarding of squatters ahead of national security and protecting the jobs, lives and standard of living of the American people should be quite damning. Instead, she’ll be hailed as some kind of old, global-citizen humanitarian hag and may well get what she claims she wants.

Whether she’s that stupid or just thinks we are, she actually offers mowing the grass as a potential solution so that people can’t be smuggled through. And she probably plans on hiring illegal Mexican landscapers to do it. Of course that expense would seen be seen as wasteful by the next globalist Democrat to tarnish the Oval Office and discontinued.

Maybe they could have Border Patrol Agents mowing the “lawns” when they’re not busy changing diapers or baking birthday cakes.

She goes on to denounce interior enforcement, saying, “Rounding up people and deporting them just because of ‘violation of status,’ that’s not who we are as a country.” She says being in the country illegally should not be grounds for deportation. Violation of status is her “politically correct” way of saying illegal alien and that is deporting them is exactly what we should be doing. How much longer is that Obama “not who we are” crap going to be recited until enough Americans tell her to shut the hell up and that that is exactly who we are?

This woman is much more than a harmless old bag. She’s got dangerous anti-American, globalist ideas with an agenda, organization and funding to match.


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