Pelosi Creates Non-Existent Russia Documents To Fear Monger Their Destruction

pelosi russia document


How absolutely absurd is it for Nancy Pelosi, who defended and supported the criminal Hillary Clinton at every turn, including her run for president, who set up a secret server in her house and then put our secrets on it, who admitted to destroying 33,000 mails and then more that later surfaced to say what she’s saying. It’s the same Nancy Pelosi who, along with Elijah Cummings, defended the destruction of records by the IRS pertaining to Lois Lerner’s criminal activities, just as a few examples. How off the charts can the San Francisco native’s testosterone levels be to allow her to come out and speak to their staff of mainstream media propagandists in such a manner?

Pelosi and company, representing the criminal, anti-American cabal disguised as a political party, the Democrats, is attacking the credibility of the innocent Trump White House, projecting, as Democrats frequently do, her own transgressions upon her political opponents.

In a mainstream propagandists briefing, Pelosi said, “Secrecy is a tool of an autheratorian government. She clearly meant authoritarian but why should we fix her mistakes and help her hide her mental issues? That’s how she said it, that’s how it should be written. To her point, the secrecy and destruction of documents of Clinton and Lerner referenced above were conducted by members of the authoritarian Obama regime. Once in a while she unintentionally stumbles into a truthful statement.

She tells the propagandists that their role “in all of this,” the smearing and effort to take down the Trump Presidency “is very important.” This woman who represents the party that is teaming up with Google and Facebook to censor and remove opposing views from the public sphere as she speaks, declares that pointing out the abuses of the non-press as an attack on “freedom of the press.” The media is completely owned by six CFR entities. There is no mainstream free press remaining to attack.

Prune-mouth Pelosi talks down to her little media minions like they were school kids with a mission to go home and convince their parents of something, saying, with a fake smile for good measure, “So I’m counting on all of you.” If they do a good job she might give them a sticker. She can’t badger and attempt to mislead the American people by herself, the propagandists have to declare to the stupid people that what she says is true.

Knowing what she and so many of her Democrat allies have done in the past she embarks on some fanciful fear-mongering, claiming she fears the Republicans will destroy documents that never existed. Does she then plan to accuse them of destroying what never existed when they can’t be found? Probably, if she thinks she can get away with it, that’s the consideration that drives every action they take.

The hypocritical hag then states the fact that she would even make such a statement is an indication that the level of trust has gone “so far low in all of this.” She adds, “That’s too bad.” She’s happy to the extent that she can degrade anything to do with the Republican Party, particularly trust. After all, a lack of trust for the criminal they ran for President cost her the election. She then references the importance of national security after she pretends to be disheartened over the tensions.

Pelosi raising the issues of trust and national security? She must have kept a copy on one of Donald Trump’s campaign speeches, for future reference and decided now was the time. Somehow, Nancy, those words and the movement of your mouth just aren’t compatible.

By the way, Madam House Hagfish, perhaps you could explain what non-existent document in particular are you concerned with possibly being destroyed? How many Podesta emails can there be? Is it something to do with Russians a Media Matters special pizza? Where is this document now and how did you find out about it? Did WikiLeaks tweet you to expect a document dump? Is it typical Democrat BS, completely fabricated for use in a smear campaign?

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7 Comments on Pelosi Creates Non-Existent Russia Documents To Fear Monger Their Destruction

  1. This MISERABLE, LIBRAT TRAITOR and WHORE of DC will get US ALL NUKED. Just HOW LONG do YOU think that Russia, China and Iran will continue to allow the GLOBALIST SCUM that run the USA/EU to continue to disrespect them and BLAME them for ALL the worlds faults? I personally give them about 30 more days before the NUKES FLY and WE ALL MELT IN OUR SHOES, and the once great nation of the USA becomes one giant glass parking lot. I spent 25 years fighting WARS FOR PROFIT… WE never “WON” any of them, but GE, Raytheon, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Ford, GM and many more companies GOT RICH off the BLOOD of OUR YOUNG MEN and WOMEN! THIS MUST STOP BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE NOW! Carry on, Gunny USMC E-7 Ret.

  2. Pelosi is hell bent on keeping obama in office as she consults with him and Clinton using the remainder of obamas people still in the departments that have not been assigned heads because the confirmations are still going on. Obama promised a peaceful transition, of course he lied wanting his third term as was mentioned several times the last three years, Even DeBlassio suggested that obama should take the rains and keep them permanently, the msm left agrees with this, keeps running false CIA planted stories about TRUMP.

  3. We may find out the this moron is involved in the pizza gate issue. The fight is so intense to keep the lid on that story because so many in DC are involved.

  4. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // February 17, 2017 at 8:25 pm // Reply

    Pelosi has mental problems …some one PLEASE admit her to the Loony House and take the rest of those brain dead silly so called DemonRat leaders with her…how can any one with a Smidgen of sense GOD gave a goose even listen or believe they are sane.

  5. For some stupid reason it looks to me all those nut job Lib Dems would love to see us go to war with Russia. They seem bound and determined to kill America. There is an old rhym we use to say when I was a kid durning WW2. “LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS” It ment never say anything you even think you know because you don’t know who the enemy is. Seems like President Trump practices that old rhyme. So glad to see that. Stupid press & media can be our worst enemy as they have proven with the lies and made up twists and out of context crap they report.
    It really seems like there are so few that the American people can trust in the last 8 or 10 yrs. And getting worse with all of the mentally unstable Liberal Democrat political bought and paid for political whores. Seem they will sell America out in a heart beat to build their own wealth and power. So terrible much corruption infiltrated the unstable left wingers. Lives of the American people mean NOTHING to them. And the longer they’ve been in office the worse they are. Strange how many people have conveniently committed suicide or met with deadly accidents around the Democrats over the last 26 yrs. And before that I honestly believe they were behind the JFK assassination. One day those papers will be able to be opened and the American people will know the truth. I won’t live that long — darn.

  6. How could anyone take her seriously…..she doesn’t even know what day it is!!


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