Pelosi Claims Trump Done Nothing Because Hasn’t Stuck Taxpayers With A Jobs Bill

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How stupid is George Stephanopoulos? How gullible and ignorant do he and Nancy Pelosi think the American people are? Nancy Pelosi responds to a softball question about whether or not she could work with the President on anything with the insane accusations that the Trump Presidency hasn’t done anything and that the reason he hasn’t is because he doesn’t have a jobs bill.

To hear her tell the story, the President is pacing the floor in the Oval Office distraught at another day having passed with no jobs bill. Powerless to push Congress to give him one, President Trump pulls things out of thin air as a diversion. Anything to keep people from realizing he doesn’t have a jobs bill. It’s oddly coincidental that all of these magical apparitions that are being used as political cover are also things he promised during the campaign. He’s actually gotten businesses to move to America and agree not to leave, and to invest here. But she’s right, he hasn’t asked Congress for a communist special, a taxpayer funded jobs bill that will add to the debt, like his predecessor did.

She equates a bill that moves money from one part of the economy into another, a wealth redistribution program true to her party’s basic Marxist beliefs, with real employment. A jobs bill, according to her flawed thinking, achieves employment, when in actuality those wages are being paid by other taxpayers, either at that point in time or at a future date in the form of taxes. The money is distributed by way of a paycheck so the government can confiscate a portion of it, but it doesn’t create any real jobs.

Once the funding runs out the job goes away. If that money is invested in the private sector the job continues as long as market conditions allow. President Trump is working to correct the devastation that Obama inflicted on the markets as she speaks and lies. Even some Democrats might be able to understand the difference.

She touts how wonderful it was that Obama signed a bill that “saved or created” four million jobs. Whether that “saved” number is accurate is anyone’s guess, knowing the lack of familiarity Democrats have with the truth, it’s doubtful. Certainly his idiotic climate hoax regulations, energy restrictions, green fantasy energy shift, foreign imported visa labor and illegal aliens killed far more jobs.

Those jobs that existed in America weren’t necessarily filled by Americans but that isn’t how they track them. It does nobody other than the exploitative employer any good to have an American job filled by a foreigner. Wages are depressed and another American goes to the poor house.

Pelosi’s an idiot, and both she and Stephanopoulos are as dishonest as the day is long. He lets her ramble on with this nonsense knowing it’s nothing but Democrat propaganda because that is his job. He’s not a news guy, he’s a fake news guy. He’s as bad or worse than the rest of the mainstream media propaganda personalities, with the exception of a few on Fox. She-pard Smith excluded.

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