Pelosi Brain Drained – Freezes Up, Can’t Babble, Words Just Won’t Come Out

nancy pelosi

We’ve all heard that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and in Nancy Pelosi’s case, that was true even before hers stopped working. It never worked properly, as her leadership position in the communist Democrat Party has shown over time, but the dysfunction is now becoming something she can no longer hide.

It’s like a police officer pulling someone over and asking you if they’ve had anything to drink tonight. The response, whether it be a semi-truthful “Yes sir, officer, only a couple of beers” or a lying “No, sir – I’m just a little tired,” the slurring of the words is going to be what answers the question. She can try to pretend she’s maintaining but reality is giving her away.

When Pelosi was speaking at the town hall on CNN, she had several moments in which her thoughts weren’t processing at all. They just seem to be bouncing around in that vacant space up there, out of sync and frozen in time.

In one instance she’s quoting non-existent gun owners who went through background checks, as did the Las Vegas shooter, implying that background checks aren’t required and that Paddock didn’t purchase his guns legally. It’s that phrase that she relies upon so heavily when she’s lying to promote gun control, “background checks,” that she seems to have been stumped coming up with.

On another instance she pauses awkwardly in mid sentence for no apparent reason as if her Teleprompter stopped running. If she was using a Teleprompter she needs to get a new operator, someone that is paying attention. And put it closer so she can see it.

Pelosi describes having a letter, obviously lost in her commentary, restarting with simple words and basic concepts, as if she’s having trouble processing the info. Those who have had migraines know how it is when your words don’t come out the way you’re thinking them. But she doesn’t appear to be in any pain and it’s becoming quite common for her over the past six months or so. 

Even her friendly libtard audience can be seen sitting there with jaws dropped and puzzled looks on their faces.  She goes on to complete are rather disjointed sentence and idea that they are being asked to create a law to loan money to Puerto Rico so “it can get through its governance.”  Whatever that means.

We know Italians have a reputation for using their hands when they talk, but usually they aren’t using them instead or because they can’t talk. This seems to be something more serious. Hang on, Pelosi, stay where you are at least until 2019. Conservatives need you leading the Dems.


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6 Comments on Pelosi Brain Drained – Freezes Up, Can’t Babble, Words Just Won’t Come Out

  1. Its really great to hear there are no criminals in America.

  2. Pelosi is on a downhill run. She just gets weirder and weirder. Her comments make no sense at all anymore, even to the Democrats. Sorry, Rick, I doubt she’ll be able to hang on until 2019. It’s obviously not stupidity (well, at least not the word problems). She still uses a lot of big words when she can “find” them, but doesn’t seem to know how to connect them to anything else she’s saying. Stroke? Alzheimer’s? Plain old Dementia? Maybe she’s just been talking jibberish so long she can’t remember what she’s trying to say.

  3. Every time that Nancy Pelosi opens her mouth to answer any question other than one that only requires a one-word response, it is apparent that she is desperately in need of a mental evaluation by a team of psychiatric professionals. An involuntary, 48-hour commitment by a judge to facilitate this process should have been ordered months ago, but her recent ramblings and inane, anti-American statements should be setting off lots of alarm bells for all Democrats. But hey, when an ideological enemy is looking inept and constantly “shooting themselves in the foot,” help them reload. You go girl!

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // October 6, 2017 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    She’s getting senile…time to retire Nancy.

  5. Grace Reeves // October 6, 2017 at 7:32 pm // Reply


  6. Fred A. Hisle // October 6, 2017 at 5:30 pm // Reply

    Every time I hear a demonRat talk, I can feel my brain cells dying; I just get dumber whenever I hear one of their voices, especially hers.

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