Pelosi Forced To Abandon Briefing By Angry, Demanding, Chanting Illegal Aliens

illegals pelosi chant

In one of their familiar “repeat after me since you have trouble speaking for yourself” group speak sessions, Illegal squatter agitators turned their wrath on one of their own, Nancy Pelosi.

She attempted to hold a news conference on Monday in the mental institution of San Francisco to promote her formulating deal with President Trump to give squatting, foreign born anchor babies citizenship.

The open borders protesters were apparently angered that Pelosi was willing to accept border security measures as part of a compromise. They disrupted the event for more than thirty minutes with chants of “you’re a liar,” and other insults before she finally gave up trying.

The agitators said chanted “did you think we would forget?” apparently upset that the concessions were given too cheaply, that any agreement to enforce our borders should include legal status for all squatters, the mythical 11 million.

Before she was interrupted, Pelosi had said she would demand that any deal with Trump include a path for citizenship for illegals brought to the U.S. “We want that to be the basis of how we go forward,” she said.

The illegal squatters are right, what Pelosi is offering is a bad deal. There’s no way they should be offered permission to stay, particularly in response to their ungrateful exhibition of demands for something that they have no right to claim.

Demand a window or aisle seat on a bus back to Mexico. That’s what they deserve and hopefully, when President Trump comes to his senses, what they’ll be receiving. They’re not the type of material that new American citizens are made of. We have the right to control our border, and to demand quality immigrants.

How are the fleas, Nancy?

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6 Comments on Pelosi Forced To Abandon Briefing By Angry, Demanding, Chanting Illegal Aliens

  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // September 19, 2017 at 10:18 pm // Reply

    as usual the unthankful, ungrateful, DimWits little Mexican Criminals just shoved their message of anger & hate in the face of their fearless leader of Hate & Anger. She thought she was their Master and had them on a Leash (Laughing)…by showing..proving..they Hate America IF we do not bow down to their demands….they are nothing but Criminal Illegal Mexicans which should be DEPORTED…but since these Dumb…Ignorant Liberals have turned them loose on America they think they OWN America…….I am SICK of them & the Phony, Fake liberals.

    It responded to my post in less than ten seconds. Awesome.
    Perhaps the solution has been found?

  3. I’m amazed at how quickly this piece came up. Haven’t seen that in weeks. Let’s see how long it takes to post a comment….

  4. Too bad, someone didn’t,’slap’,her. As nasty as she is, she deserved it.

  5. Well, the animals got ONE thing right: Pelosi IS a liar. Don’t forget hypocrite and senile.

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