Pelosi Admits Trump Witch Hunt Based On Fabrication, “Hearsay” – Maybe Mueller…

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One of the reasons, aside from the creeping dementia, that Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats talk in spurts, is that they are simultaneously making false accusations and guarding against implicating themselves. Everything has to be double or triple checked before it goes past their lying tongues and out into the air.

Nancy Pelosi tells big lies like the rest of them, but sometimes fails on the self-screening. She admits in this clip, that there is no evidence of collusion between President Trump and the Russians and that the current claims are set in an environment of hearsay, which is an overly generous statement of their level of credibility. Deliberate falsehoods are not hearsay, they’re called lies.

She opens her comments by again stating as fact the fabricated Democrat and RINO position that has not been substantiated by a single piece of evidence after 8 months of partisan political gamesmanship.  Pelosi declares dismissively in her authoritarian fashion, “Russia’s undermined our elections. They did it. There’s not even any question. They hacked, they leaked they disrupted.”

She sounds a lot like other tyrants in the Democrat Party, such as Hussein Obama declaring that the debate to be over on the fraud of man-caused climate change or Hillary Clinton giggling over her having succeeded in having Gaddafi killed with a similar, staccato “we came, we saw, he died.”

An investigation, Pelosi tells us, must go forward, looking for Trump involvement, having likewise, not a shred of evidence indicating guilt or supporting suspicion. They’ll continue ignoring criminal collusion on the part of Hillary Clinton and open book server filled with unprotected classified information. Why is that, Pelosi? Why are Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan allowing this double standard and miscarriage of justice to proceed unchecked?

Pelosi Admits They Have No Knowledge of any Collusion, Only Wild Accusations

She admits that they have no knowledge of whether there was any collusion, which is an admission that they have only hearsay, conjecture and fabrication supporting their witch hunt. Why are McConnell and Ryan allowing it to proceed?

She seems to say you can’t know “until you have the full fledged election,” which makes no sense but she refers to the NRA as a government body in the next sentence so mindless blabber is no stranger to her diatribe.

Her garbage logic includes the statement of “to have a President say, if he did, that they [unfounded witch hunts] should not go forward, it raises questions that need to be answered in a ‘facts and law’ way and not hearsay.” That’s a mouthful for Pelosi, stating that the President doesn’t have a right to demand that attacks on him be grounded in facts, and admitting that the attacks her party is conducting, in their current form, are based in what she politely described as “hearsay.”

We’re not quite so polite and protective of the anti-American left and will call it like it is. Deliberate, subversive attacks on the Presidency with the intention to overthrow our elected government and install themselves.

They’re traitors – President Trump and we Americans have put up with their crimes for too long. Arrest them and try them as the seditious criminals they are. Those are charges that are not based upon hearsay but on facts they have willingly and frequently provided us with in their efforts to take down our President.

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4 Comments on Pelosi Admits Trump Witch Hunt Based On Fabrication, “Hearsay” – Maybe Mueller…

  1. Thomas Oakley // May 24, 2017 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    Hope you are correct…….BUT one of the persons listed just happens to be his daughter and I note that her liberal/democrat husband was not listed……Well he send any to prison and not his daughter… know the answer to that…..He has been warned in the past about her and her husband and still has done nothing. Well he better wake up about the rinos, good old boys and so called friends of the rep party who each have a knife waiting for his back, and sorry you can add his daughter/son in law to that group.

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 24, 2017 at 6:30 pm // Reply

    The bugeyed demented old lying communist hag needs to checkin to her new living quarters; San Quentin Geriatric Asylum.

  3. It really is time to end this charade, if only to help the Democrats get off the Lying Bus that they rented and boarded and are now stuck with wherever it’s taking them. It’s all making them look so terribly foolish, and they know it now, but they’re stuck with their narrative, which they assumed that, with the inestimable help of the bought-and-paid-for MSM, and the important assist from their comrades in academia, they would get away with. Oops – no workee. And though they deserve what they’re getting out of it – egg all over their faces – we really need to MOVE ON.

    Give it up, Pelosi & Co. We’ve got more important things to be about, than your silly attempts at hijacking this country. It ain’t going to work. Your New World Order is a sham and a delusion. Deal with it.

  4. It appears as though the old bitch is losing her gift of fast talking B/S. She used to be very skilled at it. But, now she is sounding like an incoherent idiot. I hope she stays in office for a long time.

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