Paul Joseph Watson – Tough Action Needed In Britain, May Offering More PC Surrender

paul joseph watson


Paul Joseph Watson lives in the UK so he’s quite familiar with the politics and the social conditions, including as they relate to the Islamic invasion and their takeover of the nation. He’s angry that once again his country has been struck by terrorists, imported with reckless abandon by their politically correct, feckless government, and that nothing other than empty speeches can be expected in response.

He points to the stupidity of those, such as pop sluts Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, who advocate a return to the posture of compliant victims that they maintained prior to the Manchester attack and which enabled the London Bridge attack.

Recognizing that they view their god as a blood thirsty terrorist, Watson plays a clip of one witness who described the terrorists as saying, “this is for Allah” as they slashed innocent victims’ throats. He notes that the BBC has footage of the perpetrators making those statements, but they refuse to air them as it would be damaging to their pro-Islamist narrative.

He notes how community members in Barking, the area in which these subhuman pigs existed prior to being shot by police, has failed to notify police of their radical behavior, though there is video and police evidence that one of them was in custody and his associates questioned by police, with them being released to freely wander the streets of the UK and all of Europe, wherever their jihadist perversion might take them.

Watson points to the idiocy and inherent complicity and support of the terrorists that is evident in the statements of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who said terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city. Watson notes the exceptions that come to his mind, saying, “Except if you live in Tokyo, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, etc, etc, etc, or any other big city without a huge Muslim Population. Higher Muslim population, higher terror problem, fact.”

Watson points to the Cowardly, Politically Correct Non-Responses of PM Theresa May

Watson points to the cowardly, politically correct non-responses of PM Theresa May being “to regulate the Internet, not a word about changing the border policy that allows ISIS jihadists who fought in Syria to slip back into the country. Not a word about interning the thousands of known jihadists who are allowed to roam our streets, not a word about tackling the hateful ideology spread through mosques and prisons that inspires these attacks. Not a single word – pathetic.”

He points to her stupidity once again in stating her position favoring longer prison sentences for terrorists, saying, “Gee, that’s really going to deter a would-be suicide bomber, isn’t it.”

He warns that if the government doesn’t change people will take matters into their own hands, that there will be a spate of “hate crimes” directed against the Islamists, which are sure to send the leftists into orbit. Watson echoes President Trump’s position on banning entry to potential terrorists, people from terror-linked countries.

He recommends a massive surveillance system targeting mosques with the immediate arrest of anyone preaching jihadism, as well as a Muslim ban. There – he said it, without apologies for any hurt terrorists or CAIR officials, Muslim Brotherhood operatives’ feelings.

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  1. For those that enjoy the outdoors animal hunting, raise your hand if you want an open season on the Muslim animal for happy hunting.

  2. shirley roberts // June 6, 2017 at 12:46 pm // Reply

    The Brits have an election in a few days, neither of their candidates is any good. Wish there was someone they could all agree on to write in as their candidate who really has the citizens well being at heart and not the invaders.

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