Patsy For Spies Or Guilty Himself – Carson Has Gall To Call For Kushner’s Security Clearance

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As you listen this hypocrite Democrat spew his double standard-based faux concern for the United States, it’s important to bear in mind that he is potentially implicated in a criminal espionage investigation with approximately two dozen other Democrats. Also under investigation are Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Fredrica Wilson (D-FL), Karen Bass (D-CA), Joaquin Castro (D-TX), and Marcia Fudge (D-OH), although the mainstream media would never dare mention it. They’re linked to three suspected Pakistani spies, brothers who did IT work for them at exorbitant rates of $160,000 or more per year. Spies are paid well in DC. They are believed to have breached the secure systems and supplied classified information to Pakistan and other Islamist organizations and entities.

While he may not have knowingly been involved in the commission of a crime, that remains to be determined by the investigation, he did hire at least one of the three Awan brothers, Imran. He also provided him with access to classified information, much of it unfettered and unsupervised and without justification or cause.

Whether Carson is naive, stupid, as listening to him talk would suggest, or a criminal engaged in espionage against the United States, he’s in no way qualified to hold his own seat on the House Intelligence Committee, let alone call for the removal of Jared Kushner’s clearance. Kushner’s not the guy we elected and he’s doing many things which appear to be against the agenda we elected President Trump on. That’s a separate issue, the hypocrisy and potential corruption of Carson can’t go unchallenged. Democrats would not hesitate to raise the issue if the situation were reversed.

Additionally, Carson is a Muslim, which, unless he is willing to state otherwise, requires that his allegiance be to Sharia Law first, not to our Constitution. Rep Carson has made no such declaration. The declaration we might remember him making was one as the Democrats were showboating and agitating over President Trump’s terrorist importation ban executive order. He was the token Muslim Pelosi was talking to when the open mic caught her coaching him to tell the folks in the crowd that he’s a Muslim. Surely the authorities are investigation whether religion played a role in providing access to the classified information.

The linguistically challenged Congressman, who can barely string two words together without stuttering and repeating himself, characterizes both Kushner and General Flynn of being naive. Flynn’s forgotten more than Carson’s even capable of learning, and dealt with adversaries of the highest caliber for his entire military career. Carson might want to rethink those remarks. He quickly retreated into the standard “not at liberty to say” cocoon once Blitzer seized on his ill-advised comment.

What he “will say is it is very troubling, very concerning,” referencing Kushner’s potential contact with Russians, apparently much more so than the classified information that was stolen off of Carson’s and a couple of dozen other Democrat’s computers and sent straight to Pakistan.

This guy’s in over his head. He needs to go back to being a cop in Indiana, although the chances seem good that, unless he gets some kind of affirmative action exemption, he’s wouldn’t meet the basic level qualifications. They probably require applicants to possess the ability to exercise good judgment and to be able to communicate in the English language, higher standards than those required for the US House of Representatives or the House Intelligence Committee.

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8 Comments on Patsy For Spies Or Guilty Himself – Carson Has Gall To Call For Kushner’s Security Clearance

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // May 31, 2017 at 4:38 am // Reply

    This civilization jihadist has just been appointed to the intel committee, and he has a background of racist family ties. The Kushner attack already proven false. What the hell is wrong with the Indiana district that elected this lousy Democrat Muslim?

  2. Shock as Media Reports on Jared Kushner called False ? The Constitution 5/30/17

  3. “There were two sets of polling places this primary season– – One set for most of the voters, who went on state websites to find their polling locations–– a second set for Hillary Clinton supporters who looked on Hillary Clinton’s website to find their polling location.
    The Secretary of State for each state had one set of locations on the record; the other set of locations, the ones listed on Hillary’s website, we’re not on the state record.I know this because I looked on her website to find where a friend should vote–– then double checked the state website, which shows a different address. I thought there must be a mistake –– I kept checking, right up to election day.
    But until they killed Seth Rich, I couldn’t figure out why there would be two different polling places. This is how I think the scam worked: while most voters looked up their location on their state website, voters who were signed up as Hillary Clinton supporters would be directed to her site to find their polling place.
    It was set up the same as any other DNC polling place –– with DNC volunteers, regular voting machines, etc.
    And a duplicate voter roster, the same as the roster at the other polling place. Voters would be checked off on the roster, same as at the other polling place. Period.”

  4. “…the media has attempted to make the case that Trump faces imminent impeachment, that his senior adviser, son-in-law Jared Kushner is a criminal, and that the White House is “in chaos” without supplying the hard “evidence” of which they accused Trump of lacking when he accused Obama of having “wiretapped” him.”

  5. American Patriot Daily – CIA Director Revealed A Secret Hillary Clinton Wanted To Hide

    It’s Time To Flush The Toilet 5/29/17

  6. The entire establishment, on both sides, need to be voted out on their butts in 2018! Even those who claim not to be part of the global “establishment” don’t have clean hands.

  7. Kelleigh Nelson // May 30, 2017 at 7:26 pm // Reply

    Oh yeah, you have to wonder about the electorate in Carson’s district of Indiana voting in this guy. Both he and the other Muslim from Minnesota, Keith Ellison, are Democrats. Why is that not surprising. This is Civilization Jihad, the Trojan Horse that will change our country.

  8. TONYA PARNELL // May 30, 2017 at 4:59 pm // Reply

    I am so sick of these idiots No more Communist/Socialist Mud slime Dem o rats.

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