Patronizing Nauert – How Many Russians In The Room – You Like Free Press, Boris?

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Americans shouldn’t allow themselves to be deceived by the fact that the often snarky State Department spokesperson, Heather Nauert, used to work at Fox News and assume that she’s one of us. She’s a  former employee of ABC “News” as well as a graduate of Columbia University, with a masters degree in journalism.

Columbia, especially in their reeducation department, does not produce conservative thinkers. She’s also a CFR Member, which probably explains how she went from TV news reader to propagandist and deep state cover person for the State Department.

Nauert, who always seems to be wearing that pasted on “I’m just tolerating you,” fake smile, asked one reporter she called upon what his name was. Both his name and the agency he worked for were difficult to understand but that didn’t matter. It’s what she expected as he became her propaganda prop.

She probably already had an inkling of who he was beyond the “guy with the beard” before hand, and when he identified himself as being with a Russian news agency, she asked for a kindergarten or KGB-style show of hands for everyone in the room to identify if they were with a Russian entity. She counts to three and says “got it, okay.”

What possible relevance could that have? Probably none other than to serve to separate them out from the group, to diminish them as being lesser than their peers. She then interrupts him as he starts the question, with a simplistic claim of “See, freedom of the press.” Apparently she thinks that if you’re Russian it’s a concept you’ve never seen in action before.

“It’s a good thing isn’t it?” She pressed, eliciting an obligatory “yes it is” from her target. She followed that comment with a self aggrandizing, “We love that,” and a pandering, “So welcome.”  Someone should tell her that they have the same type of briefings in Russia, generally held by Russia Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, who would wipe the floor with the smug, arrogant Nauert in a head to head matchup.

Nauert, as a former talking head on Fox, is fully aware that there is minimal press freedom in the country, particularly as she watches CNN and their fellow fake news CFR media propagandists bludgeon the Trump administration she supposedly works for.  Miss smarty-pants leaves little doubt she is totally committed to being the heir to Jen Psaki.

She’s been forced beyond her comfort level by Russian journalists before in her short tenure at the State Dept, such as the exchange in the second video below. In that instance she tried to play both the “cute” and the “better than you” cards and had them stuffed back into her face by RT reporter Caleb Maupin. He appeared to be testing the newbie spokesperson, and she didn’t do very well.

That exchange begins the video and closes it out as she attempts to run away, taking cover in vague, broad proclamations of the standard government talking points and refusing to engage in actually answering the question. It’s no wonder she wanted to identify her “enemies” within the room, the ones she’ll paint as “Russians,” the ones she unprofessionally asked for a show of hands.

Maybe she should just answer reporters’ questions instead of trying to win a game of “Gotcha”


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