Patriots Teach ANTIFA Misfits A Lesson In Gravity, Pain and “Strategic Bluffing”

antifa punk punched


There’d be a lot less chatter if the fascist Antifa agitators and perhaps a few of those challenging their destructive “demonstration” would only minimize their use of the “F” word. Then again, the Antifa vermin might have to rely too much on substance rather than just ranting and intimidation to attempt to make their point. 

This day a group of patriots from “Patriot Prayer” decided to do the job the Democrats in Portland government won’t allow the police to do, preventing the thugs from tearing up their city. The video starts out with an altercation between one blustery big-mouthed skank who is obviously used to bullying her way into whatever she wants. That wasn’t going to happen on this day, May 13th.

Laughably, these thugs, who routinely intrude violently into the peaceful rallies of Trump supporters and any speakers they disagree with, want to keep both groups separate. Apparently they sensed that they were in danger of getting their butts kicked and the wormy little guys who are emboldened by a black mask, shirt and pants were no match for real men, patriotic, fed up Americans.

Usually the radicals operate with the protection of Democrat Party-controlled police departments, who are ordered to permit them to do pretty much anything short of murder. As is evidenced by the fact that someone is heard on the phone calling the police on one of the baseball bat wielding rabble, their customary protective blue wall no-showed for this event.

The instigating Antifa hag in the hat stands behind the outstretched arm of her wormy little “protector” as her bluff is called. The point is made by one of the patriots that he’s more than willing to give her the gender equality trash like her always claims they want until it doesn’t advantage them, or that he would return her aggression on which ever punk she chose to have fight her fight for her.

The highlight comes as one AntiFa recruit, Goldilocks, tries to block the path of a mohawk-sporting Patriot Prayer representative about twice his size. Crossing his arms in something he must have learned at one of their planning sessions is successful only in getting him punched in the face and staring up at the sky, on the ground, bloody. He learned a valuable lesson, if you’re bluffing you’d better have a good backup plan.

The good guys call the cops on the agitators for brandishing a baseball bat, which sends them scurrying in advance of a potential arrest. This is the kind of response that needs to become the norm, what is dished out regularly to this Soros trash by the good people of this nation.

As America’s Veterans and other patriots know, sometimes fighting for your country involves actually fighting. Giving one or two of these punks what they’ve got coming has got to feel great.

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