Patriotic Dem Tells NFL Owners – Demand Respect, Fans Stay Home ’til They Do

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Patriot and Democrat are not words one often uses to describe the same individual. Then again, Joe Manchin (D-WV) is not the typical America-hating Democrat. In many ways he doesn’t fit into the Democrat mold at all. One of those is his position regarding the spoiled brats of the NFL disrespecting our nation, our anthem and our flag.

Rather than mimicking the clownish antics of his fellow Democrats, such as puffer fish Sheila Jackson Lee, who is overwhelmingly motivated by her black supremacy beliefs, communism and her ignorance, Manchin takes a mature, America-first approach to the issue. The NFL is at fault for enabling this disrespect in the first place. It is up to the NFL to fix it, or take a serious financial hit from a disappearing fan base.

He stated his opinion for the record in response to a question submitted by a high school student named Jason. Manchin said, “Jason, I prefer to stand. I’ve always done that and, you know, I learned that when I was a young person. It was just taught to me that was the right thing to do.”

He continued, “As I got older and I realized all of the sacrifices that were made for me, and people that went to war, people that didn’t return. When I realized all of that I said, ‘That’s my patriotic duty that I can say thank you for the flag that represents the greatest country on earth.'”

“Now, with that being said, I know it’s a team sport. And if you pick on one team member all team members are going to follow suit. And that’s what you’re seeing happening.” Manchin puts the responsibility for corrective action where it belongs, with the league owners.

He says, “This is something that the owners are going to have to address. The owners of these football teams, that have these contracts with these players and the conditions these players are going to be playing under, has to step in here and say, ‘I’m not going to tolerate it.'”

Manchin says, “They can make that deal happen. The only thing that you and I can do right now is turn off the TV if you don’t want to watch. Don’t  go to the game if that’s a team you don’t respect, for whatever reason.”

He closes saying, “I think everyone should stand and show respect for the flag that represents the greatest nation on Earth, that has shed more blood, lost more lives for the cause of freedom that you and I enjoy. So, I’d prefer people standing.”

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4 Comments on Patriotic Dem Tells NFL Owners – Demand Respect, Fans Stay Home ’til They Do

  1. Very good answer! To bad Cleveland doesn’t have any role models for kids when it comes to football. Pittsburg does, though!

  2. Manchin should quit the democrat party.

  3. Hats off to Joe Manchin! All our Congressmen should be saying the same thing. This should not be political but respect for our flag, our service men and our country.

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