Partners In Crime – Rice First To Go Down For Abuse Of Power, Espionage, Unmasking

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You have to wonder whether at some point today CNN will opt to just run a color band test pattern rather than try to “report around” or otherwise hide from their mountain of lies and propaganda as the truth about the espionage activities by the Obama deep state against President Trump becomes increasingly exposed.

With Susan Rice having been revealed as at least one of the White House domestic spies who was surveilling Democrat political enemies and opposition and releasing their names and information for strictly political and illegal purposes, CNN is likewise revealed as being complicit in the creation of the cover story and the distraction of Russia – Trump to cover the Obama Clinton criminality. Hey Jake Tapper, is there any evidence that Trump was “wiretapped” now?

You also have to wonder at what point will the Secret Service detail around Hussein Obama, which operates under Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, be given the order to switch from a solely protection function to a fugitive arrest and transportation one. The location of the tropical hideout in French Polynesia, or wherever he really is at this point, Bahrain or Dubai, possibly, is known to the Secret Service agents assigned to him and their leadership.

As the exposures begin to be made and the net begins to tighten, Not only Rice, but Clinton and Obama will be forced to answer for their crimes. That process began with Trump’s Saturday morning tweet of March 4th, a month ago, which the cover-up suck-ups in the media and politics have been beating as the ravings of a madman for the last  month. Susan Rice has shown he wasn’t delusional at all, just strong enough of character to speak out about an unbelievably evil predecessor. The next steps will be interesting, to see where the corruption leads, what Rice has to say and who else is exposed. John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey seem like safe bets. President Trump now has the pretext and the momentum is building for the draining of the swamp, having forced the corrupt media into covering the criminal actions of their comrades. Score one for the good guys.

Adam Housley reported on Fox, (No color band test pattern needed), “Multiple sources tell Fox News that former National Security Adviser under ‘president’ Obama, Susan Rice, requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials. The unmasked names, people associated with Donald Trump, were then sent to the NSC, some at DOD, James Clapper, John Brennan, basically the people at the top, including former Deputy National Security adviser, Ben Rhodes. “

Rhodes’ brother, David, is the president of CBS news, so they might be running a test pattern over there at the eyeball network of their own. Maybe that one with the Indian on it, or some Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer videos calling for impeachment. They’ll do anything to avoid reporting the truth, something they gave up long ago.

Housley reports that these names were “part of incidental electronic surveillance,” which is the false pretext the Obama criminals are hiding behind. They were collected intentionally with dummy surveillance targets providing cover. Their info was then widely released, according to plan that is now being exposed.

He identifies the targets as “Candidate and President-elect Donald Trump and people close to him, including family members, for up to a year before he took office.” Housley notes that his sources say the Americans in the Trump sphere were not given the protections from incidental collection and release. “Failures” of this magnitude don’t just happen and they certainly don’t continue for over a year and during the course of an election. They don’t include the newly elected President by mistake. This was sabotage and subterfuge.

Housley also notes that the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep Devin Nunes, who the Democrats have been screaming to have declared unfit for his position and to have the investigation taken out of Republican control, was being obstructed by the intelligence agencies in his attempts to get this information. That obstruction is what prompted him to utilize a secure White House facility.

He also points out the attempts to facilitate the spread of information and make it more difficult to track the perpetrators by relaxing and expanding the rules for who has access to the information, both legitimate and improperly collected and unmasked.

He notes that Rice has lied before and proclaimed that Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction. She’d likely give herself the same high marks, for her treason.


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