Mass Murderer Paddock’s Girlfriend Danley Back In US To “Clear Her Name”

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Marilou Danley, 62, the girlfriend of Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock is back on US soil, apparently of her own free will, and engaged in what she calls an effort to clear her name.

Danley had the perfect alibi, with her passport as proof that she was out of the country when Paddock engaged in his terrorist act, raining death down on innocent Americans attending a country music concert.

She had already spoken with investigators via phone a few hours after the shooting, with Paddock having left her casino card next to where he apparently shot himself. Her name and photo had been circulated as a “person of interest.”

Although she is believed to have been in the Philippines at the time of the shooting, where she had been visiting family for several weeks, it is hoped she can shed some light on Paddock’s motivations and affiliations, and whether or not he had contacts with any terrorist groups or individuals that may have radicalized him. She is not considered to be a suspect at this time, at least that is the story we’re being told.

Airport authorities in Manila confirmed that she left last night aboard Philippine Airlines flight PR102 bound for Los Angeles. She arrived this morning at 7:32am. Danley, who is an Australian national, reportedly met with FBI agents in LA. It is unclear whether she plans to continue on to Las Vegas or all of the questioning will be conducted in Los Angeles.

While it is unknown when she left for Asia, her former neighbors in Reno, where she also shared a home with Paddock, indicate they haven’t seen her since sometime in August.

Eric Paddock, brother of the killer, stated that he believes the $100,000 Paddock wired to Danley while she was in the Philippines was intended to help her financially after he had died in the conduct of his terrorist act, another indication of the level of planning that went into his heinous act. He believes that Paddock deliberately arranged it so that Danley would be out of the country when he committed his crime.

He said of his brother’s relationship with Danley that, “He loved her. He doted on her.” Perhaps that is a bit of a generous description, one which is contradicted by employees at a Mesquite Starbucks the two frequented. A supervisor there told the LA Times that Paddock often berated Danley in public.

“It happened a lot,” said Esperanza Mendoza. “He would glare down at her and say – with a mean attitude – ‘You don’t need my casino card for this. I’m paying for your drink, just like I’m paying for you.’ “Then she would softly say, ‘Okay’ and step back behind him. He was so rude to her in front of us.”

The brother is probably trying to do what he can to clean up Paddock’s image. Talk about a wasted effort. The nice guy stuff with Danley needs to stop. Interrogate her as if she is a prime suspect. Who knows what she may be keeping from authorities. Make her think she’s in more trouble by not coming forward than if she does. She must know something.


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  1. Kelleigh Nelson // October 4, 2017 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    Sounds to me like he got radicalized, even the sheriff has now mentioned that. We’ll see.

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