Paddock Double Raises New Questions – Video Shows Identical Gambler Five Days Later

paddock double

This video is not proof of anything but it certainly can lead to some questions that go to the very root of the Las Vegas massacre and the identity of the perpetrator or perpetrators.

After a couple of free frame or camera photos of a gambler who looks an awful lot like Stephen Paddock, the video portion picks up. It documents the date with a promotions flyer from the casino in which they are playing as being Friday, October 6th.

The man in question is seated next to a woman who is Asian, although not Marilou Danley and who is probably just another player. She doesn’t seem to be with him. They’re also playing a table game, and Paddock supposedly preferred high limit video poker machines.

The resemblance is striking, though, an unfortunate reality that this fellow is going to have to learn to live with, provided he’s not actually Paddock. After all, the Las Vegas Sheriff hasn’t disclosed the methods used to identify the body in the Mandalay Bay hotel room.

Paddock reportedly shot himself in the head. It could be that, if he used a shotgun or other similarly destructive weapon, or if it was used upon someone else in possession of Paddock’s ID, the identity was made through other, less reliable means than dental records or his physical appearance.

We’ve been told he had no record with law enforcement which might also mean they have no record of his fingerprints for identification purposes. Could an assumption have been made that falsely identified someone else as Paddock or is this just an unfortunate resemblance to a mass murderer for this one individual and that was Paddock on the floor at Mandalay Bay, surrounded by multiple weapons?

Nobody can confirm that this is Paddock, only that there is an uncanny similarity, the kind of situation that should be investigated further. The victims and the American people deserve to know what happened. That includes being certain of the identity of the culprit.

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10 Comments on Paddock Double Raises New Questions – Video Shows Identical Gambler Five Days Later

  1. He worked for the government so more than likely a background check would have been done to include fingerprints. Some states require fingerprints to get a concealed carry permit and that has not been addressed from what I’ve seen so far. Somebody with that many weapon would more than like get a concealed carry permit although I don’t know what the laws in Nevada are, but he didn’t live full time there.

  2. Patricia VanMeter // October 9, 2017 at 1:01 am // Reply

    he article said that there were no fingerprints of Paddock

    This article states there were no fingerprints to identify Paddock. What about the fingerprints the Postal Service takes of all employees? I worked for the Postal Service for 35 years and they fingerprinted me at my hiring in 1972? Would not Paddock also have had this procedure done as a Postal Service employee?

  3. Why are security videos of Paddock in the days before the shooting restricted? Suddenly videos of a double appear!Should we trust the FBI if newly released video shows Paddock acting alone?

  4. Hmmm…quite a resemblance!

  5. It’s a very common look, obviously. What about that tattoo of the number 13 on his throat? That’s not always there. Plus, I saw somewhere that he’d suicided by shooting himself in the chest. Those guns he had wouldn’t work well for that, also wouldn’t work to well to shoot himself in the head. Did he have handguns also? Never heard that. I think I believe the FBI cover-up story, where they’re trying to do a setup and ISIS figures it out, selling guns to them etc. There are way too many stories, but the FBI has gotten as crooked as they come. The other thing is that it’s Jihadis trying to make sure the government takes our guns away. Muslims better look out if that happens.

  6. more question really need to be asked on more and more of this.

  7. The “deep state” views us a mushrooms, they keep us in the dark and shovel shit at us daily.

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