Perfect Setup – Could Paddock Have Been Used To Cover ISIS Tracks In Las Vegas?

stephen paddock las vegas

Was the terrorist attack in Las Vegas the act of a “lone pig,” as is the authorities are maintaining, or a coordinated attack in which one white guy patsy was left behind to take the fall?

Stephen Paddock was a very heavy gambler, especially lately, having conducted multiple financial transactions of as much as thirty thousand dollars with the cashier at Mandalay Bay over the past week. He regularly stayed up all night gambling and frequently visited Las Vegas from his Mesquite home an hour and a half away.

Heavy gamblers, unless motivated by revenge, aren’t generally the kind of individual one associates with terrorism. They’re focused on winning or winning back what they’ve lost. What if he wasn’t the shooter at all? What if the 17 or so firearms in his hotel room were used by others, the real terrorists, perhaps Islamists who had held him hostage in his room?

It would have been easy enough to hold a weapon to Paddock’s side without being seen as he went to the restroom or was leaving a casino restaurant and for him to have been forced to his room. His girlfriend could have been told to play out his hands for him or to go cash out with a simple phone call afterwards.

He could have then been a bystander and victim himself, in the room, as the terrorists carried out their crime and then left him there, booby trapped possibly, to take the heat for their actions and to throw law enforcement off the trail. Sure, it’s speculation, but not wild speculation. It’s possible.

Reuters reports that the ISIS news agency, Amaq, claimed, “The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,” referencing the American led coalition in the Middle East.

They added, “The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago,”  an easy claim to make and one that is virtually impossible to refute. All indications from close contacts of Paddock were that he was not religious and nobody described any recent change in his behavior.

An ISIS video recently warned that a massacre would be carried out in Las Vegas

Although explosives were reportedly found in Paddock’s home, an indicator that he might have been a willing participant or which could have been planted, no explosives are known to have been used in the attack. There were also devices for converting rifles to full automatic found in the hotel room.

It does seem odd that those conversions weren’t done at his home if he was the perpetrator, but perhaps he felt it was too risky traveling with the converted weapons in his vehicle or transporting them to the room. Then again, maybe the conversions were done by others, who held him hostage, the real terrorists.

There are a lot of things that don’t add up with this story, including the Hispanic woman in the crowd at the concert who was kicked out 45 minutes before the attack for telling the other attendees that they were all about to die. That’s odd behavior to begin with, ominous and suspicious, given the events that unfolded shortly thereafter.

The bottom line is that Paddock was not an individual known to be inspired by or fanatical about anything. He was not religious and described as just a guy going through life. For this heavy gambler to have suddenly taken an interest in becoming an Islamic terrorist or a non-Islamic terrorist just doesn’t make sense. Not that it couldn’t have happened, but things don’t smell right.

If he was the shooter and the vile terrorist that he is reported to be, that doesn’t mean he acted alone. It is nonsensical for a single, older man to transport an arsenal of weapons up to the 32nd floor of the hotel when he could have accomplished the same evil deed with just a couple. Reports from the crowd indicated multiple shooters, but we remember in the Dallas massacre the same claims made by there, with ultimately it being determined, correctly or incorrectly, that there was only a single gunman in that instance as well.

He lived for 64 years on this planet without ever having gotten sideways with law enforcement and then suddenly snaps to this degree, with no known major events having occurred in his life to set him off. ISIS uses suicide bombers all the time to carry out their attacks, including women and children. Why wouldn’t they leave a white guy behind to throw the police off the scent long enough for them to get away?

Or could it be the work of the anti-American left? Who better for the globalists set up an American patsy to reinvigorate their gun-grabbing agenda? Maybe he acted alone and is a vile creature of the worst kind. ISIS says he’s one of them. There are so many possibilities, the investigators certainly have their hands full in trying to figure out what happened here. Let’s hope they get it right.


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11 Comments on Perfect Setup – Could Paddock Have Been Used To Cover ISIS Tracks In Las Vegas?

  1. The idiot liberals really think they are going to take our guns away. From the looks of everything happening today, we will need them to protect ourselves from Isis, the Democrats, the idiots Soros and Obama hire, the imported Syrian army, complements of Obama, and morons in the media like Kimmel, who doesn’t want Obama care to go away so he doesn’t have to pay for his new kid’s operations even though he makes millions, and now he’s preaching gun control.

  2. well, if any are TRUSTING WHAT THE FBI OR ATF will find out and let us know DON’T hold your breath.
    in one of the first videos i watched and heard when the gunfire STARTED, I KNEW RIGHT OFF IT WAS FROM EITHER A FULL AUTO OR A SELECT FIRE RIFLE.
    as I’ve said in the past i am a Marine combat vet and i KNOW THE SOUNDS OF FIREARMS GOING OFF INSTEAD OF FIREWORKS.

  3. All of the above scenarios sounds believable enough these days. My opinion is he’s either just plain evil or an evil left-wing activist. Either way I hope his soul burns in hell.

    May the deceased rest in peace. Godspeed recovery of the wounded.

  4. Whatever the truth turns out to be, if ever, we do know that it “smells” when the bureaucrats immediately fall into gun-ban mode. At a time when people should be encouraged to protect themselves, they are instead warned against it. That’s my takeaway at this point in time. And that’s my cause for suspicions concerning the contradictory narratives of this account from the FBI, police and officials. This article, however, asks the right questions.

  5. The thing that really bothers me is the video showing the two broken windows of the hotel where the shooting allegedly occurred. Those two windows were quite far apart, suggesting they were not of the same hotel room, unless it was one helluva big suite. The windows were also separated by a bearing wall or fire wall. Again, suggesting it was two separate rooms. Is it possible that the shooter used two different hotel rooms to shoot from? Why?

    If anyone can shed light on this, I sure would appreciate hearing it.

  6. frances quinn // October 3, 2017 at 9:21 am // Reply

    i agree this is either a terrorist event or possibly deep state with terrorist assistance and yes there was a warning to muslims from a muslim iman to stay away from public formats because of a pending attack. saw it on fb myself. this guy did not do this alone, i think he was the patsy by one, the other or both. possibly all in to get the guns!he does not fit any profiles period.

  7. IMO, this article makes some very viable and credible points. I am not sure I believe what our government or law enforcement tells us anymore.

    I had a big question mark today when I saw a picture of the Mandalay with two windows, apart from each other, broken for the shooter to shoot through. Could have been two rooms, or a large room. Unless targeting specific persons, which he was not, there would be no reason to move from window to window. As far as the left goes, it is certainly something they are capable of. Antifa?

  8. Kelleigh Nelson // October 3, 2017 at 9:12 am // Reply

    Very well could be, sounded also like a Hellfire Trigger on the rifle.

    Firing into a crowd means you’re going to hit a lot of people, and the targets were country music fans who are most often patriotic and conservative. Sounds like ISIS to me, but what the guy a patsy or did he turn and do this willingly. We’ll probably never know.

  9. Why didn’t the cops lock down the hotel Paddock was in? Why did they just let people walk away….This whole thing stinks. Also, it would take an experience person with automatic weapons to fire into a crowd so far away with pin point accuracy. There is not evidence that Paddock had such training.

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