Pack Of Cur Dogs Media Descends On Spicer, Waiting For One Wrong Move

spicer press vermin


It’s no wonder the White House is considering opening up the press room to a larger, more diverse group of journalists, with the heavy overload of biased propagandists that populate it as things are presently operated. Walking into that room must feel to Sean Spicer like he’s in ancient Rome and the lions are hungry.

The female propagandist in the front row does her best to try to vilify the President for using the word “ban” in one of his statements. These treasonous idiots aren’t interested in the well-being of the nation, they’re just out to fulfill their mission to “Get Trump.” She condescendingly asks Spicer about the President, “Is he confused or are you confused,” to which Spicer replied, “No, I’m not confused.”

He points to that supposed confusion being partially the result of false reporting by her network, citing an example of General Kelly disputing what had been reported. She points the finger of blame at the New York Times, their source, to which Spicer replies, “Oh okay, so I apologize that NBC’s ‘News’ reporting is based on the New York Times’ false reporting.”

Obviously beaten on that point, the bald libtard switches the conversation to the firing of Sally Yates and her supposed right to refuse to do her job if she disagrees with a lawful directive from the President. Spicer plays their game, which is clearly him taking his turn trying to play gotcha, and answers his stupid question, proving his assertions as being totally bogus.

Spicer says, “It’s odd to me that we’re having a discussion about someone whose job it is to execute lawful orders who chose not to do it and then we’re questioning whether or not we were right to remove her. That’s the right thing to do.” Libtard Glen then asks Spicer to define the word “betrayal” for him just as the first one had tried to make hay over the use of the word “ban.”

These clowns are not a legitimate press pool. They belong on the outside, being fed information by real news people, who don’t work for propaganda outlets, who won’t try to twist everything they are told into an indictment of the President.

Sean Spicer is taking a lot of heat lately by these same media vermin, criticizing his performance, but it is a horrible work environment. Only a masochist would want that job in its current configuration.

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