O’Reilly Forced Out – Leftist Agitators, MSM, Pressure On Advertisers Did Him In

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The kind of attacks that forced the ouster of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly are the same sort of things that were tried by the Democrats through orchestrated allegations from an army of “sisters sharing their pain” who suddenly couldn’t contain themselves. They just had to come forward in a show of solidarity, to “set the record straight” and maybe finance a new house along the way.

The Trump method of not being bullied is the most effective in negating the bogus claims. Clearly the involvement of boards of directors, shareholders, advertiser boycotts, and “social justice pinheads” rewarded with concessions, only serve to invite more of the same in a vicious cycle.

After all of the lawyer and executive wrangling and public statements to attempt to put the best spin on the “no spin” situation, the bottom line is evident in the last paragraph of the statement by the Fox attorneys, issued through Rupert Murdoch and his sons.

It stated, “Lastly, and most importantly, we want to underscore our consistent commitment to fostering a work environment built on the values of trust and respect.” Those words are directed at the advertisers and others demanding O’Reilly’s head on a plate, telling them that they now have it. His ouster is their reward, they win, and there’s no need for any more boycotts, lawsuits or “social justice activism.” The evil alpha male has been vanquished.

Of course that supposed “evil man” never had his day in court, he was tried by tweet, email, “news” articles and public pressure and wasn’t allowed to offer a defense. His leftist accusers were given inches and they ate up  the miles. Just as the policy of “strategic patience” was an open invitation for bad actors like North Korea to continue to misbehave, the policy of settling lawsuits to prevent more has the opposite effect. It’ s a neon sign that says “Lawyers and Opportunists Welcome.”

Indicative of that reality, Mr. O’Reilly’s most recent allegations of wrongdoing came from Jehmu Greene, the latest tick to get her feeding tube inserted, on Wednesday. It’s better to be late than to miss the party altogether. Greene is a big girl, a proud black woman who demands equality, to be treated like one of the boys. But none of that yucky, icky man talk around her, she’ll sue.

Greene, contacted the law firm Paul, Weiss on Wednesday, allegedly reporting inappropriate behavior by Mr. O’Reilly. She said her instances of “harassment” occurred when she was a regular guest on the network but before she became a network contributor in November 2010. She has somehow managed to carry on, to advance at a place where she had been “wronged so horribly.”

The offense she accused O’Reilly of was suggesting that Greene show more cleavage. On a network that places a premium on looks in the hiring of their talent, Greene was out of place to begin with. Cleavage and capitalizing on her skin color were the only weapons she had in the physical appearance realm. O’Reilly was diplomatically doing her a favor. Two years later O’Reilly made a comment about paying up with on dinner bet that included a reference to breaking her back.

Greene admits, “I don’t think that these comments were focused from a sexual standpoint. I think they were more of a power standpoint to put me in my place.”

So if she’s the equal of any man why is that a problem? Men and women put each other in their places all the time; it’s called competition. Greene is a bit player in all of this and nobody is saying O’Reilly is innocent, just that he was denied fair treatment, his celebrity became a liability. The DC swamp isn’t the only place loaded with opportunistic, self-serving snakes. The New York jungle has more than its share as well.


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