Open Border Agitators, Business Cabals Hit DC This Week To Push Amnesty

Amnesty for illegals will once again be pushed hard by the globalists as they attempt to use the spending bill as a cudgel to provide cover for selling out America

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Just as expected, the amnesty proponents, globalist Democrats and Chamber of Commerce-owned establishment Republicans, will join forces over the coming weeks in an all out effort to get their DACA amnesty passed into law.

The plans are already in place, and the buses will be rolling this week. They’ll be loaded up with illegals and their enablers, foreigners who demand they be made US citizens. They’ll meet up in DC and elsewhere, accompanied by some of their treasonous enablers in Congress and their plenty of representation by their special interest agitator groups and media propagandists.

The plans include rallies in front of the White House, sit-ins on Capitol Hill and other disruptions all presented by the media as legitimate efforts to right a wrong committed by the “evil nativists” against the helpless victims of the state, who were blameless in coming here along with their criminal parents.

The Group, Partnership for a New American Economy, one where the jobs are lower paying and handed out to foreigners first, is taking a leading role in the staged events. Jeremy Robbins, their executive director said, “People are throwing everything at the wall because they see this as the moment.” Anti-American agitators are people, foreigners are people, complicit treasonous Congressmen are people.

He said the “business community” of open border labor backers will establish a “war room” inside the Capitol for complicit members of both sides of the uniparty to interact with the propagandists in the media.

Included will be video monitors of rallies across the country. It’s well organized and reflective of just how much money is behind putting the American people at the back of the employment line for the new, low wage positions.

Chamber of Commerce prostitutes, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) have already recorded videos in support of giving citizenship and American jobs to illegals.

The turncoats have their work cut out for them with a President who has promised to put America and Americans first.

Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley stated the White House position, saying, “The president has made clear any immigration reform must first deliver for American citizens and workers. His priorities are securing the border with a wall, closing legal loopholes that enable illegal entry, interior enforcement and combating visa overstays, and ending chain migration.”

House Republicans may again be the saving grace for the American citizens, with many who, unlike Speaker Paul Ryan, who are not owned by the business cabals, willing to conduct the people’s business first and let the issue of amnesty remain open into the new year. Tax reform, spending legislation and hurricane disaster recovery funding as well as for wildfire recovery in California are a higher priority.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) spoke to the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, telling them he’d rather address the issue in December but the press for a tax bill makes that unlikely.

The good news as we head into the media hand wringing circus was voiced by the enemy, Neil Bradley, the US Chamber of Commerce chief policy officer, who stated, “Two months have now passed, and I’m sad to report that we’re arguably further away from a solution today than we were then.”

Hopefully that trend will continue.


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5 Comments on Open Border Agitators, Business Cabals Hit DC This Week To Push Amnesty

  1. It’s time for Patriot Americans to stand up to these carpetbaggers and put a stop to all of this non-American nonsense once and for all!! ALL RINO’s and Dem’s, Socialists, Communists and Globalists including George Soros should be jailed in Guantanamo or deported while forfeiting all ill-gotten assets post haste!!!

  2. This is treason from the Republicans that are behind this. Graham the little worm who should never have been reelected. We have more on this list. People are asleep and will wake up when?

  3. Fred A. Hisle // November 27, 2017 at 9:11 am // Reply

    The deportation buses need be on hand and ready to load up for deportation, include the Communist traitors from both parties.

  4. Time for ICE to show up with many buses. Load em up ship em out! NOW! Stop the BS.

  5. all this crap is leading we the people down the CIVIL WAR ROAD,

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