OMB Director Mulvaney Disputes Dem Claims Of Victory – Details What The Good Guys Got

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OMB  Director Mick Mulvaney responds to the Democrats taking their victory laps following the agreement passage of a budget deal and their claims of victory over what they got and the President and Republicans didn’t get. He says he finds it to be “A very strange way of looking at a bi-partisan discussion. If you’re in a bi-partisan meeting, I think it’s very unusual for one group to walk out and start spiking the football and saying, ‘hey, we won, we killed the other guys,’ and it certainly doesn’t bode well for future discussions.”

“But since the Democrats have raised the issue and tried to cast this as a Democrat victory, I think it’s important today and only fair, to show you what’s really in the bill and how the President actually cut a tremendous deal for the American people. We broke parity, okay, and for those of you who have been covering this area for a long time know what that means. It means in the past several years, ever since the spending caps came on, ever since the sequester went in, there was this unwritten deal on Capitol Hill.”

Mulvaney explains, “Which is for every dollar of defense spending that the Republicans wanted they had to give one dollar’s worth of non-defense spending to the Democrats. That was the deal that ‘president’ Obama was able to cut during his last years in office. We got $21 billion of new defense spending for less than $5 billion dollars of non-defense spending.”

Mulvaney then gets to the heart of his and the administration’s position, saying, “What they really didn’t get is this, and this is what they wanted. They wanted a shutdown. We know that. They were desperate to make this administration look like we couldn’t function, like we couldn’t govern. And we know that a large part of their base, especially their left-wing base wanted a shutdown and certainly didn’t want them to cut a deal with us.”

“That’s why, I think,” says Mulvaney, “you’re seeing them crowing about their success, is in order to cover up the fact that they actually cut a deal with President Trump and President Trump did a tremendous job.”

Mulvaney points to the pictures behind him of border wall construction, saying, “We are building this now. There is money in this deal to build, several hundreds of millions of dollars of this to replace this [cyclone fencing]. That’s what we got in this deal and that’s what the Democrats don’t want you to know. This stuff is going up now. Why? Because the President wants to make the country more safe. This [pointing to the cyclone fence] doesn’t stop drugs and doesn’t stop criminals from crossing the border.

Hearing Mulvaney make the case, it makes you wonder how much better it would have been if there were a Speaker in place who supports the goals of the administration, instead of the subversive swamp rat who holds that position now.

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6 Comments on OMB Director Mulvaney Disputes Dem Claims Of Victory – Details What The Good Guys Got

  1. I agree Rick. I watched live yesterday and the site I was on was pretty must unanimous that the WH needs more killer communicators like Mick “Cantaloupes” Mulvaney. He owned those weasels.

  2. Whatever ‘deal obama was able to cut” does NOT influence THIS budget, Has this budget betrayal arrived on President Trump’s desk yet? If not or if he vetoed it, the democrats and GOP republicans who are dispensing the funds in this budget and instructing the federal agencies to follow its mandate are doing so illegally, unlawfully and unconstitutionally. It’s my understanding that no budget bill has been put on Trump’s desk and this is all liberal hype to play the game without the other team. It doesn’t work that way.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // May 3, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply


  4. We need to check what he is saying! On Mark Levin Radio today there was a guy saying the reason why something was not in the bill (covering their ASS was because the White House gave it up a couple weeks ago so this way they could say it couldn’t be found in the bill and the Conservative could claim a win. Sorry folks we can not trust either side! I was driving so I wasn’t that focused on the specifics. Could have been funding for the Puerto Rican bail out or Planned parenthood. But it pissed me off. If you can today’s Mark Levin Radio show is where I heard it.

    • Maybe you should look for other sources besides “conservative” Bunkerhead Dustvin, we gotta change the constitution.

  5. Riiiight, keep on spinning. Parity means we always get the bad end of the deal. In other words, we never really win because the progressive agenda always moves forward. Wait…the 0bongo slogan “forward”, just never us.

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