Olympian Turned Community Agitator Muhammad – Diversity Built USA

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Ibtihaj Muhammad won a bronze medal for her performance in the Team Sabre competition at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Her notoriety is garnered by virtue, not of her accomplishments with a blade in her hand, but that she was the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while competing for the United States in the Olympics. She did so in the sport of fencing, reportedly a choice her parents guided her into because it was something she could do while having her body and head fully covered, including by heavy makeup and with “modest” fake eyelashes. 

With the recent machete attacks on innocent humans around the world, the sight of a Muslim, identified by her head bag, armed with a sword might be a little unnerving. One’s ears might strain for the sound of a guttural “Allahu Akbar” and be planning out an escape route or response. Maybe there was more to her parents choosing that sport than Muhammad knows. Infidels do make desirable targets.

There’s nothing to indicate that Muhammad is anything other than an average American liberal, which is a gateway, one step towards radicalization with the other foot in the air.

A Muslim woman with a sword is unnerving enough but it’s what comes out of this American citizen’s mouth that is really telling. She was interviewed as part of the pre-Super Bowl nonsense that the media engages in every year and naturally, her Muslimness, for lack of a better word, directed the nature of the question.

She’s promoting both the “religion of peace” and an anti-Trump agenda, so her response was quite predictable and delivered in the prescribed manner. In response to a softball social justice question of some type promoting the invasion and Islamification of America, Muhammad replied, “I think to remember what makes our country great and its diversity.” Obviously she doesn’t know anything about American greatness or exceptionalism and is swallowing the crap sandwich that’s been placed on her plate at Duke University and elsewhere.

The diversity claim is what empowers her and the rest of the left to dismiss the white man as the driving force in American greatness. This country was built largely by white men but the mush-heads of this generation are taught only that we’ve always been a nation of immigrants, completely ignoring the fact that most of them were white and legal.

It’s a matter of accuracy versus agenda. Most white people don’t mind some immigration, but we resent attempts to take our accomplishments away from us and to co-opt them. We also don’t want, despite what is written on a stupid poem on a statue, the international trash dumped here for us to clean up.

The little girl who has spent her time studying, fencing and reading the Koran knows nothing other than what has been imputed from liberal academics as part of her programming. She’s simply regurgitation what they implanted. She graduated from Duke University with dual bachelor’s degrees in international relations and African and African-American studies. It seems the Super Bowl participants aren’t the only ones with a game plan in place. This programmed nobody came out of nowhere and was given this platform for a reason and by someone with an agenda.

Obviously if Muhammad has paid attention in her areas of study she’s aware that what she’s spewing are lies, as she states that diversity is “what our nation was built upon and I think we have to remember our strong suits as a nation and to want for one another what we want for ourselves and that’s safety.” Translated from liberal speak, that means open the doors to more like her from around the globe and surrender our sovereignty to global diversity or there’s going to be trouble.

Revealing her agenda, Muhammad says, “I am hopeful that we can move towards a more inclusive and accepting community, not just here in the states but on a global scale. I think that we’re moving in the wrong direction as a nation and I hope that we’re moving towards a more inclusive space very soon.” That’s her endorsement of global government and a repudiation of the last election and the wishes of the American people as personified by our President, Donald J. Trump.

Americans don’t want to get stabbed, blown up or shot up but neither do we want to convert to her poison ideology. Christians built this nation and we’re not about to turn it over to anyone else, be they barbarians or well spoken like this brainwashed messenger. She smiles and sounds friendly, non-threatening and harmless. She’s the good cop side of CAIR and the establishment globalist’s argument.

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