O’Keefe Sting Foiled Inauguration Terrorism Plot, FBI Investigating

o'keefe sting fbi


James O’Keefe at Project Veritas provides an update to the DisruptJ20 domestic terrorism undercover sting that they conducted and the videos that they released detailing their investigation. He opens the video, saying, “We have a couple of updates for you.”

“First,” says O’Keefe, “our attorney met with the terrorism task force detective this morning, the representative from the US Attorney’s Office was also going to be attending, and our attorney reports to us that they are looking  at the full footage. They are investigating, they are analyzing the full tapes and the batches of emails we’ve sent them, so they contacted us last night, looks like there’s been some legal developments.”

He continues, “Also, US News and World Reports reports that ‘DisruptJ20 has dramatically scaled back their plans to block the flow of traffic as a result of the undercover videos.” He points to one photo, identifying one of the conspirators, saying, “This is this man named Legba Carrefour, who was caught on tape talking about chaining down the Metro trains, which is clearly a terroristic act, that’s in addition to all the butyric acid they were going to put into the vent shafts of the National Press Club tomorrow night.

“Also,” O’Keefe says, “The Deploraball organizers have informed me that a couple of these people are actually signed up to be at the Deploraball. They have refunded their tickets and have filed restraining orders and civil charges against these organizers. This has all happened in the last 24 hours.”

O’Keefe says, “Finally, the most fascinating development is, I just got off the radio with Sean Hannity and the author of this Huffington Post piece about the supposed counter-sting of one of our reporters a few weeks ago, that had nothing to do with this. I was expecting a hostile debate with this Huffington Post writer, Ryan Grimm, Ryan endorsed Project Veritas and said that he thought we did great work with the J20 group.”

“Shocking,” says O’Keefe, “but not shocking to me because this was all very true, the law enforcement says it’s true, now the Huffington Post says that this is all true.

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  1. Where are ‘our’ own “investigators” ..FBI .. CIA ,….that they are not finding these things that we, the people, know are truly going on ??? is it that they WANT these things to HAPPEN ?? !!! WHY DOES NOTHING SURPRISE US ANY MORE ????
    AND THE OBAMAS INTEND TO CONTINUE WITH THEIR “secret government” – to work against the man WE CHOSE! – WHEN WILL THEY BE ARRESTED? that is against the law …

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