OK Clapper and Brennan Lied To Congress – Flynn Targeted By Mueller, Corrupt Deep State DOJ

The corrupt shadow government leadership controlling the DOJ and FBI as their enforcement unit only prosecute political crimes of their opponents, petty and contrived as they

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Lou Dobbs notes that the 29 page of FBI documents that Judicial Watch was originally told didn’t exist, “detail a frenzied, wild hunt within the FBI, looking for a source who talked to a reporter.”

Dobbs clarifies that “they were looking for the leaker” of information regarding the clandestine tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. He says, “The messages show almost no concern over the actual meeting itself, its propriety and what was discussed.”

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch reminds us that the FBI at first lied and then produced them once DOJ correspondence referenced them. He says, “And even now, the redactions that they’ve made, hiding the names of people involved is pretty cowardly and dishonest.”

Gen Mike Flynn is being destroyed for a single incident of lying to the corrupt FBI. They make it a common, basic practice to lie and cover up their own criminality with nothing apparently being done by the Attorney General or the President to correct the serious situation.

Farrell asks, “Who were the people involved? Who made the decisions? What do they have to hide? These are United States government officials and somehow they’re hiding their identities of who is involved in trying to track down the person who let the press know that the former president and the Attorney General were having a clandestine meeting.”

Noting that General Flynn made an error in judgment and stressing his three and a half decades of service to his country, Farrell says, “This is pretty thin gruel, this is 18 USC 1001, False Official Statement. I’ve got a little news for your listening and your viewing audience. If I interview you for more than two hours, I can get you on 18 USC 1001.”  [[VIDEO BELOW]]

He continues, “You will make a false official statement in the course of a two-hour interview. I guarantee it. So this is the last resort, the last refuge of a failed investigation.” It’s important to understand that last point, they couldn’t get Flynn or Trump on anything real so they’ve resorted to gimmicks and trickery to get leverage that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Dobbs responds to Farrell pointing to Bill Clinton’s National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, committing real criminal acts by stealing and destroying what must have been potentially damaging evidence about the 9/11 attacks that Americans couldn’t be allowed to find out about.

His voice raises slightly as he says, “Well I think we’ve got some pretty clear criminal acts or at least apparent criminal acts. We don’t have to go any farther than Hillary Clinton, whether we’re talking about the email scandal, whether we’re talking about the Clinton Foundation.”

Dobbs continues, “Whether we’re talking about an administration that, in this instance, waits until it has less than a month left in office before ‘president’ Obama decides to retaliate against the Russians for their intervention in our elections, he does absolutely nothing about Crimea.”  Farrell labels it as criminal negligence.

The frustrated Dobbs asks, “But where are we going with this? Isn’t anyone talking about the context here and the actions of the administration, with its unmasking of hundreds and hundreds of officials, American citizens, including members of the Trump transition team, why in the hell isn’t anybody looking at that?”

Farrell adds that someone from a handful of people with access sat and read an intelligence transcript to the Washington Post about General Michael Flynn, recommending that we find that leaker and throw them in jail.

Dobbs points to the history of the liars within the Obama regime who were allowed to do so without consequences, James Clapper and John Brennan, the DNI and CIA Director “lied to Congress and to the American people and yet Michael Flynn is the fellow who today had to plead guilty to one count.” He left out Susan Rice and her repeated, deliberate, face in the camera false denials.

Those facts are a serious indictment of the politicization of the FBI and DOJ, and the failure of AG Sessions under President Trump to do anything to correct it. It is a most dangerous situation that demands immediate remedy.

A disgusted Farrell closes by reminding the audience, “Comey the leaker betrayed his oath, stole government documents, leaked them through a third party to the New York Times and the dimwits on the Senate Intelligence Committee sat there and thanked him for his service.”

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