Ohio Supreme Court JUSTICE – BROWNS, NFL Season Over After Disgraceful ATTACK On US

ohio judge blasts browns

The idiocy within the NFL isn’t confined to the spoiled, self-aggrandizing brats putting on their disgusting public displays attacking our country on the field.

While it is potentially deadly to their careers,  given the difficulties of the unpopular Colin Kaepernick to find work these days, to impose their political agitation upon millions who were attempting to take a break from reality, they’re not the only idiots involved.

The owners, management and coaches would be completely within their rights to demand that the inappropriate nonsense stop immediately. They wouldn’t allow their athlete employees to spit in the faces of their fans or to defecate on the field, but in many ways that’s exactly what they’re doing by allowing these attacks on our country to continue. Nobody tunes in to watch these shameful acts but many do tune out as a result.

One now-former Cleveland Brown fan railed against the disgraceful actions of this past Monday night, and speaking on behalf of many Americans as he did. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill wrote on his Facebook page,  “I will NEVER attend a sporting event where the draft dodging millionaire athletes disrespect the veterans who earned them the right to be on that field. Shame on you all.” William O’Neill, LTC, US Army, Retired. Vietnam veteran; son of a World II veteran; proud father of an Iraq veteran.”

A workplace can require or set parameters of behavior for their employees both while on company time and while off duty. Beating your wife will get a player dismissed. Conversely, disrespecting the nation will get a pep talk from the coaches about how they “respect your right as a man to do what you think is best.”

Owners can require civil behavior of players representing their franchise, they choose not to

That’s both cowardly and an illegitimate, false position. Prohibiting kneeling or otherwise disrespecting the nation by their employees as they are wearing the uniform of or otherwise representing the Cleveland Browns or any other team is well within the rights of management. They need to immediately exercise those rights, both from a moral and a financial perspective.

Those who permit these assaults on our nation, to the point that they are dangerously close to becoming as much a part of their pregame activities as the playing of the Star Spangled Banner itself, are just as much to blame as the overpaid clowns playing the game. In many respects, considering the evidence provided by the hatred of Colin Kaepernick and the diminished popularity of their sport, management’s behavior is even harder to comprehend. The coddling of these self-absorbed, obnoxious brats only encourages more of their improper behavior.

The NFL will lose their viewers and support. It’s hard to root for or even care about a team composed of people you are learning to despise and who, on a weekly basis, rub your nose in their disdain for white Americans, police, our military and our nation.

After watching last year as their league’s popularity and revenue dipped, as television audiences shrank and public opinion over their political agitation against our country turned increasingly against the NFL, the franchise holders and their employees inexplicably are allowing a repeat. They stand to lose a lot by allowing this to progress or continue yet that’s what they’re doing.

As the NAACP and other pandering busybody organizations and individuals attempt to strong-arm the NFL into forcing Colin Kaepernick into a lineup somewhere, threatening a boycott if he isn’t, their situation is already much more serious than they want to recognize.

Fans are questioning why or if they even do still care about the NFL

They’ve created a situation where their fan base is questioning why they care about their league, their teams and their ungrateful, selfish, politicized and anti-white players who view America at large as the racist enemy against them. It’s a simple matter to turn the channel or switch off the tube, to do something else with one’s time, given sufficient motivation. Many Americans are finding that motivation at the start of every game.

We don’t care about your stupid protests, NFL players. We’re not sympathetic to you turning our attempts to find recreation into your protest opportunities. And we’re holding management accountable for allowing it to happen. In a word – goodbye. Just like ESPN, the NFL used to be fun – not anymore.  It’s not a protest or a boycott, it’s deeper than that. We don’t care anymore and you won’t win us back.


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7 Comments on Ohio Supreme Court JUSTICE – BROWNS, NFL Season Over After Disgraceful ATTACK On US

  1. Every player that chose to kneel, for the Browns, should face the same fate as Colin Kaepernick. It would not make a difference in the way the season will end because the needed changes to the offensive line were not met. When I first saw the players disrespect our country, flag and our veterans, I vowed never to even turn on a game involving the Cleveland Browns if the owner didn’t dole out some kind of punishment for the player’s actions. Until that point, I still had hope for the Browns. To gain any kind of respect, on a national level, this owner needs to take some clear and solid action against these players, or loose more than just his respect, meaning more monetary losses. However, if the owners of the other teams do not stop these actions, they will show that these over paid jocks are allowed to do anything they want without anyone batting an eye.

  2. Fred A. Hisle // August 27, 2017 at 4:02 pm // Reply

    Fire everyone of the antiAmerican pinko communist fags.

  3. The NFL’s clock is an easy fix; do not go to their games.

  4. If the owners won’t fix it, let the NFL die.

  5. Deplorable Doctor // August 27, 2017 at 8:34 am // Reply

    Want to know the sponsors of the NFL! Just sayin.

  6. Excellent points. I hope the racist clowns lose enough to put them out of work and maybe they’ll learn a little respect for the country and people who allowed them to get rich.

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