Official Argues Returning ISIS Terrorists Must Be Welcomed Home, Absorbed, Given Free Stuff

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Whatever the duties of the position of Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy are, the department might be due for some serious scrutiny, possibly the termination of the Minister or its elimination altogether. Unfathomable stupidity trickled out of the mouth of Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke in a Sunday television broadcast where she expressed her views that Swedes who left to fight for ISIS and Middle East terrorists in general should be welcomed home with open arms, open wallets and absorbed back into society.

The bright-eyed liberal idealist may never have seen a beheading video or the mass gravesites necessitated by the cruel bloodlust of the ISIS fighters or the little girls raped as property of the terrorist pigs. She seems not to understand that anyone attracted to that fight and that conduct is an evil person, and the last place you want them to be is hiding among the regular citizenry of your nation. Once they’ve exposed who they are by joining those groups, you first hope they are killed on the battlefield. If they survive you deny them their citizenship and reentry. Excluding ruthless killers from your population follows the same logic as locking up murders inside the country. It should be an easy decision to make.

On the Sunday television program, “Agenda,” broadcast by the Swedish state broadcaster SVT, the discussion focused on the 300 Islamic terrorists who have gone to fight for ISIS, about half of which had returned to Sweden. Ms. Kuhnke, apparently that is how knuckle-head is spelled in Sweden, completely ignored what these people have done and assumes that because they’ve left their formal affiliation they’ve all “seen the light,” so to speak. The fact that they could have returned as operatives to organize internal attacks and a jihad against her nation does not enter into the decision making process.

She stated, “They need to be channeled back into our democratic society.” Kuhnke admitted neither she nor the government had any idea how many of the returnees were still radicalized compared to how many left because they had become disillusioned with Islamist beliefs or the butchering of Christians and their fellow Muslims.

She was asked how many radical Muslims were involved in deradicalization programs, estimating the number at between 10 and 30, based upon information provided by various municipalities. She added, “There are far too few. We have to work together much better.”

Ms Knuckle-head doesn’t seem to understand the most basic things, probably a contributing factor to her decision to become a government official. Economically, this is an investment in people of no value that is the equivalent of flushing money down the toilet. The odds of success aren’t that great and she’s putting the Swedish people at risk unnecessarily. It’s more likely they’ll kill good, normal Swedes, if something should set them off during their ISIS readjustment or perhaps “just for the fun of it.” Those odds drop to 0% once they’re out of the country, a convincing argument against her positions.

Giving her the benefit of the high end figure of 30 enrolled in “Reeducation for Islamic Terrorists” programs, that leaves 120 or so infidel-hunters out there hiding among the population and waiting. She admitted the threat and that she could not confirm that the programs had successfully deradicalized even one of the returning terrorists. She offered the excuse that the process could take years of expense and risk, stating, “We cannot say that we have succeeded because it’s been such a short time. It is only in 10-15 years we can say that they actually managed to leave these environments.” The environment they need to leave is Sweden and they need to take this lame brain with them.

The Swedish attitude toward returning ISIS jihadists is to assume that they have changed their ways and just need help in the conversion from murderer of innocent people to productive member of society. It’s the state’s obligation to reward them for turning their back on their murderous lifestyles with housing, employment, welfare payments, driving lessons and debt forgiveness. Why not some sharp-shooter or explosives classes?

That’s an even better deal than what the illegals get in America and all they had to do was travel a couple thousand miles, cut off a few heads, maybe shoot some kids or their moms and then come back home. Sweden takes care of the rest; they love ‘rehabilitated” terrorists.

While there are surely some rational people in Sweden screaming out against this insanity, from the standpoint of their leadership and national policy, they deserve everything their stupidity and naiveté is setting them up for.


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  1. I disagree entirely. As America did with the Nazis, hunt them down, arrest them, if possible and try them for crimes against humanity. If they are found guilty, death. To turn them loose on humanity, again, would be a crime against humanity and he or SHE , who let them free, should take their place on trial. Think about the victims who were beheaded, burned alive, thrown off buildings, tortured beyond tolerance, raped, sodomised and much worse. Now, think of the victims family and how they feel. Then ask yourself one last question… What if this was YOUR family member that was brutally murdered in one of these horrific ways?? No, these barbaric, brutal individuals made their choice. Men, women and babies met with these fates mentioned above. I thought Islam was against homosexuality. ANYTIME another man has sex with another man, THAT is a homosexual act no matter how, what, why or when. After watching and listening to what ISIS is perpetrating on humanity, and the mainstream Muslims not saying a word about these terrorists, I view Islam as a brutal, midevil religion who hates anyone not of Islam.

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